Notice: In the present time we have a growing amount of allergic and other negative reactions on cranberry and more and more people cannot consume them. In this connection I changed this article because now cranberry may be an optional or/and prophylactic home remedy only for a part of people, but not for everybody.

Editors: Rad Komissar, Anna Linde

July 02, 2019


Part 1. Preface

Part 2. The Characteristics And Benefits Of Cranberries

Part 3. Using Cranberry Juice For Humans

Part 1. Preface (renewed on August 30, 2020)

Cranberries may be just a small additional part of MFZC diet using not every day. You can choose if you use them or not. That’s your choice. Cranberries are an optional part of MFZC diet.

Now let me explain why cranberries are a good addition to MFZC diet at least for some people: 

  1. I knew that some wild carnivores eat sour berries including cranberries.
  2. I never let go of a fond memory, the time when cranberry juice stopped my 2 months of exhausting suffering from diarrhea, during my adaptation period to the raw MFZC diet.
  3. I read many articles about different benefits of cranberries.

   Cranberryjuice-1020x765.jpgMany wild carnivores eat a small number of sour berries (cranberries, barberry, etc.) during the berry season. They eat them not because they are hungry or the sour berries are their food choice. They eat them because sour berries are simply their natural remedy providing them better health. Bears, for example, eat their last in-season cranberries before hibernation to free themselves from internal parasites:

Also wolves, coyotes, foxes, etc. eat cranberries if they have this possibility.

In fact, wild carnivores have been instinctively consuming a small number of sour berries at least for millions of years, therefore, today this peculiarity is genetically embedded into the carnivore’s makeup in the same way that eating meat and/or fish has been. Usually, they eat the number of berries which they feel is enough for them to solve their health problems.

Seasonal sour berries are a natural lifelong remedy for carnivores, giving them better health. Of course, they would prefer to have better health year-round, but they don’t have this possibility.

Sometimes some carnivores may eat bitter and toxic grasses if they harbor many parasites. Also, carnivores may eat fruits or sweet berries if they are hungry but they do not eat them as a remedy.

Humans are similar to carnivores in many ways. For example, see this table:


Humans have a unique ability to freeze sour berries for storing purposes and eat them the whole year long. Similarly to carnivores, humans can thrive on meat and/or fish and also may eat some sour berries the whole year.

The berries have a unique set of nutrients. The nutrients are present in their unique and proper proportions, no more no less. Even frozen berries keep all its nutrients in the right ratios. Hence, it’s better not to use man-made cranberry-based supplements consisting of improper proportions, or dry cranberries.  

Part 2. The Characteristics And Benefits Of Cranberries (renewed on August 30, 2020)

Berries begin their life tart, to discourage animals from eating them before their seeds are mature. Then, when the time is right, most berries become sweet to entice hungry animals to munch upon them, but not so with cranberries. Cranberry bushes do not use animals to spread their seed; they use water! Cranberries are very light and contain inner air pockets. When cranberry bogs flood, or if the ripe buoyant berries fall off the cranberry bush, they simply float away with the current in hopes of being deposited on a distant bank. They don’t need animals to help them reproduce, so by itself they don’t need animals to help them reproduce, so they don’t need to go through the trouble of sweetening their fruits: article has also mentioned a review and some unclear trials that didn’t find the cranberry is strong enough or found negative side effects from the consumption of cranberries. The most probable reasons for that is  using nonorganic cranberries or/and added sugar in the trials. Nonorganic cranberries or sugar lack some of the necessary healing qualities and can even be damaging to health.

Out of all the fruits, cranberries have one of the lowest quantities of sugar. All berries produce sugar to attract animals. But also they defend themselves by producing toxic substances in order to decrease the predator’s appetite and to prevent itself from being entirely eaten. Cranberries, however, don’t require sugar or the need to form a comprehensive defense mechanism of toxic substances to prevent predators from eating them because they don’t rely on animals to help them reproduce. Instead, cranberry uses water of the bog for its reproduction purposes. Therefore, cranberries maintain the lowest necessary number of toxic substances under their defense to prevent being eaten by herbivores. Carnivores don’t eat the leaves or not ripe cranberries having the green color as their remedy.

The description of many positive cranberry benefits proving cranberries are great for our health are in these 3 articles:  and

Cranberries, when they are consumed on a regular basis:

  • are one of the top antioxidant foods
  • have anti-inflammatory benefits
  • may protect against many chronic diseases
  • can help to prevent urinary tract infections
  • provide support to the immune system
  • lower the frequency of cold and flu symptoms
  • can help to prevent and fight cancer
  • are one of the best foods to cleanse the liver
  • can prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Native Americans used cranberries to fight wound infections. Cranberries have been used for food for a long time. Native people in North America were eating cranberries before the Pilgrims or other settlers from Europe arrived. They mixed dried meat and cranberries to make a high energy food called pemmican. Pemmican could be stored and carried on the trail for a long time without spoiling

Likewise, cranberries have some anti-parasitic capabilities according to the experiences of bears (see part 1 of the article).

Absence of sugars and healing abilities of cranberries give them advantages if compared with other berries. Sugars make other berries more tasty and attractive but change and diminish their healing power inside the human or animal bodies.

These attributes are totally valid and work only if you use ORGANIC cranberries: Nonorganic cranberries have toxic pesticides: In many cases, nonorganic cranberries will not help with much of anything or produce favorable results due to their relatively high toxicity.

Part 3. Using Cranberry Juice For Humans (renewed on August 30, 2020)

Humans can improve the convenience of using cranberries significantly, the carnivore’s very old and natural remedy. We can prepare moderate portions of cranberry juice and may drink it throughout the entire year for healing or/and prophylactic purposes. If you compare the amount of cranberry juice you may drink in a day with the daily consumption of pure water, the juice is consumed in relatively smaller amounts.

Usually, water has low mineralization and it is structured by minerals dissolved in water. The ability of water to change its structure due to the influence of dissolved substances has been known for a long time. However, not everybody knows, understands or applies this knowledge. You may use this knowledge to prepare water soluble home remedies or medicines with distilled water, using relatively fewer dose requirements. You should find the appropriate dose personally for yourself, according to its action on you. For some people this appropriate dose can be very low. It’s especially valuable for people who are still compelled to use toxic medicines. 

Distilled water doesn’t have any dissolved minerals and it is unstructured. When you blend and dissolve cranberries in distilled water it becomes structured again and obtains a structure, including all the water-soluble substances of cranberry. This means if you use distilled water, you need fewer cranberries to obtain the same effects from the juice.

From the beginning of June 2019, I started a long-term test of freshly prepared organic cranberry juice which consisted of highly blended, ripe cranberries and distilled water. I drank the juice 1- 2 times a day about 20-30 min before my meat or fish meal. Every time I blended, I would use about 5-15g of frozen cranberries in approximately 150-200 ml of distilled water in a powerful, high-speed blender that can blend cranberries into a liquid suspension. I made several tests and found that this amount of cranberries and water can be quite good for me. For you, the number of berries may differ and may even be very low. For example, you may need just 1-4 berries or grams in approximately 150- 200 ml of water when you first start. Cranberries blended with distilled water are a strong remedy even with a low concentration of cranberries. After drinking your freshly made cranberry juice use water to rinse your mouth. If you feel thirsty, you may drink approximately 30-50 ml of distilled water before and after you drink the juice.

I wanted to understand all the possible positive and negative (short and long term) effects of cranberry juice on my body so I can observe how cranberries will influence my physical, emotional and mental health.

Cranberry juice is not a tasty beverage, but it is quite supportive sour remedy, having benefits (see part 2 above), one of which is the ability to stop short or long term diarrhea according to some of my reader’s experience and my own as well. Also, it’s a good idea to decrease the concentration of your juice or even to stop to drink it, if you have hemorrhoid, ulcers, gastritis or begin to experience any negative effects from cranberry juice.

If you yet continue to drink it, when you become accustomed to the juice, you may gradually find your optimal healing and prophylactic concentration and dose of the juice.

The juice, meaning the distilled water solution of highly blended cranberries can be a stronger remedy, unlike whole cranberries.

In some cases, you may have an allergy to cranberries that can go together with allergies to other fruits. Actually, the allergy is a disease indicating a serious disbalance of many body functions, including the hormonal disbalance acquired by the consumption of hormonal foods.

Therefore, you should first heal all your allergies by eating proper food for quite a long time and only after attempt cranberry juice again to reap its benefits.

During the time of testing I eventually found my minimal optimal dose. My physical, emotional and mental health did not get worse and there were even some improvements:

– My joints become more flexible.

– I feel better in general and more refreshed after drinking cranberry juice in spite of I don’t like the juice too much.

– My sleep is deeper now.

If you are generally healthy, simply find the minimal optimal dose of cranberry juice that gives you increasing of flexibility in joints, deeper sleep and wellbeing in general or maybe other positive changes. If you are not healthy, be more prudent in finding your optimal dose (see information above).

In general, a freshly made organic cranberry juice, observing the proper concentration of highly blended and ripe cranberries may be recommended as an additional healing modality and prophylactic remedy for drinking at some days of the week or the month.

Cranberry juice may be useful and beneficial for people who eat a carnivore or close to a carnivorous diet, including the cooked ZC, raw ZC, raw MFZC and raw Primal diets.

It’s better if you check cranberries and remove visibly damaged and spoiled berries right before using the cranberries to prepare the juice.

From the beginning of June 2020 to the present time I changed a pattern of my drinking the juice. I decided to drink cranberry juice only when I really want it.

Let me explain more. I do not like cranberry juice in general but, on some days, or weeks I crave of it. So, these days or weeks I drink the juice. I do it until a feeling that I am fed up of the juice. After this I stop drinking it until the next period of craving.

Frequency and amount of cranberries consuming by me can be different and it depends on my craving. For example for some weeks it can be a few times a week and for some weeks or months it can be zero. Of course they definitely can be other for other people.

These changes of the pattern allow me to listen my body better and follow its choice. I hope it will work for a long term. See also information in part 2 of Article 15


  1. Very interesting, Yuri. I’ve been on a basic carnivore diet for quite a while now, but have never kicked my intense cravings for dried cranberries. This is definitely not the best form for consumption since it’s very easy to down over 8 oz in a sitting! All the concentrated sugars send me into a sugar rush and probably counter the benefits you address here.
    I believe I could switch over to cranberry juice instead without too much trouble. It sounds like a worthy experiment.

    Liked by 1 person

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