Editors: Rad Komissar, Anna Linde

08 September 2019

Part 1. Preface (renewed on September 12, 2019)

Our muscular system has about 700 skeletal muscles. They are responsible for the movement of the human body and its parts.

These muscles were genetically designed and supposed to have permanent, periodic or episodic contractions throughout one’s whole life. If any part of them is not utilized to perform corresponding contractions for quite a long time, they can become very weak or even atrophy closer to old age.


Part 2. Using Physical Exercises (renewed on September 13, 2019)

Absence of contractions or not enough of them in a part of certain muscles disbalances many body and brain functions and affects other muscles and the whole muscular system.

In the wild, all animals are rather active during some time of the day, night, or season of the year if they are hibernating animals. It allows them to keep their muscular system quite strong and be ready to fulfill its natural functions. Even in the zoo, on farms and in homes animals try to move a little and keep themselves at least in minimal shape. If they don’t do this, they gradually become weak and even sick in spite of the good food they may have.

People can experience similar positive or negative effects related to their muscular system. Today, many people who don’t carry out enough muscle activity, gradually become weak physically and can feel bad or depressed even if they eat proper food.

Therefore, if you really want to feel great your whole life including old age, you should exercise regularly in addition to your genetically proper food.

What kind of exercises are good for human beings? It can be any suitable exercise program, related to muscle loading of all the muscle groups. No one muscle is superfluous in our bodies. Therefore, we should exercise until the feeling of light tiredness is reached in all the muscle groups — muscles of the cranium, jaw, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers, body, legs, ankles and toes. You may exercise from 1-2 to 10-20 times, depending on the muscle group you exercise.

Besides dynamic exercises, you may use mostly static exercises from yoga. They help joints be more flexible and very active. Also, some yoga exercises may be used to massage the inner muscles of the stomach, intestines and low organs.

Moreover, you may exercise by using contractions or massaging different muscles of the face for about 5-10 minutes.

How often can you perform physical exercises during a week? It depends on your job. If you have a physical job, exercise muscle groups not used at work, about 3-5 times a week. If your job is not physical, exercise all the groups of muscles about 3-5 times a week. That’s the number of exercises, I found experimentally for myself. Your mileage may vary.

These exercises will help you feel significantly better your entire life, including old age if you also eat genetically proper food and don’t eat improper foods.

Some people intentionally eat more food than is really necessary, over exercise and grow some muscle groups to alter their natural and genetically given body shape to a nicer appearance, or so they think.

Unfortunately, this muscle-building distorts the natural, genetic muscular system balance and brain functionality. This has some negative consequences.

For example, these people can have quite big and overgrown groups of muscles with a big mass accordingly. It means this big mass of muscles needs significantly more nutrients which decreases the number of nutrients coming into the brain. Also, their big mass of muscles sends a large number of nerve impulses into the brain which consequently suppresses the influence of other nerve impulses coming into the brain.

All of these artificial influences change the natural, genetically given balance in the brain. Some people may become less able to study something, unable to think fast enough, more narcissistic and even duller and stupid. If you have friends or acquaintances who became bodybuilders, you may notice the metamorphoses of their mental abilities and personality.

Therefore, if you decide to improve your muscular system, don’t overdo it, keep it maximally proportional to all the muscle groups, and don’t forget your brain needs nutrients as well.

When I started exercising regularly, I found it quite boring. So I started to search for something that can make my exercise routines more interesting. Eventually, I found music and/or songs that deeply resonated with my present and past memories.

Part 3. Influence Of Music And/Or Songs (renewed on September 15, 2019)

Since the fall of 2018, I started to exercise regularly one time a day for 3-5 days a week, and during my exercise, I included some YouTube videos, 2-7 minutes long with music and/or songs to watch and listen. I have a big playlist of the videos and usually play just a part of them.

Music (and/or songs) is a very old and powerful human art form that influenced and continues to influence either positive development or negative degeneration in probably all of the human civilizations.

If we study the history of civilizations and music and/or songs of different human populations we can see how deeply the music and/or songs have influenced them. Some of this proof we can find in documentary movies about the life of different tribes that are living in some places from north to south. Absolutely all of them have their own unique kind of music and/or songs. This phenomenon existed forever for all human civilizations including our ancestors and determined and influenced our patterns of evolution.

Moreover, historically, music and/or songs might evoke the evolution or devolution of human civilizations.

In this connection, we notice the human populations that have more primitive music and/or songs have more primitive development when compared with the populations that have more developed music and/or songs.

Similarly to food and physical activity, the music and/or songs have a strong effect on our brain development or degeneration, especially in childhood and it doesn’t matter if we are religious or atheists.

Some music and/or songs can inspire and increase human creativity.

Part 4. What Kinds Of Music And/Or Songs Can Inspire And Increase Your Creativity? (renewed on March 04, 2020)

It can definitely be a positive thing to tun on 2-7 minutes long YouTube videos with music and/or songs to watch and listen to. Other kinds of brain stimulation aren’t considered in this article.

For instance, for myself, I found, chose and like some videos and their music and/or songs that created a process of positive emotional or mental wavelike memories in my brain during the execution of my physical exercises.

Let’s consider in detail why I chose these videos and their music and/or songs.

A part of them are from the present time or near it. I found them on YouTube and chose the videos because like their music or/and songs, or/and accompanied views of nature, people, animals, etc. They attracted me and awaked positive emotional and mental feelings.

One part of them is from the present time or near it. I found these modern videos on YouTube and chose them because I like their music and/or songs, plus the accompanied views of nature, people, animals, etc. They attracted me and awakened positively charged emotional and mental feelings inside me.

The other part was from my past. It had the same criteria as the first part of choices plus some positive memories from the accompanied music and/or songs to past events and different times in my life when I was middle-aged, a young, a teenager and a small child.

Watching these positive videos and listening to the music and/or songs that in some way were related to my past brings up large chunks of memories from my past. It feels like a continuous process of wavelike memories depending on the videos and their music and/or songs and the frequency of changing these videos (different kinds of videos and their music and/or songs evoke different kinds of memories).

Actually, you can use this technique and its aspects in order to start training and remembering many things you thought you completely forgot. Also, this technique can be used as additional help for some people with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia.

But the most surprising facet was how both parts came together to produce the wave process of memories in my brain when I performed my physical exercises. These memories definitely gave me better inspiration and increased my creativity significantly. The memories periodically evoked additional inspirational feelings and new ideas when I watched the videos or listened to this music and/or songs not too loudly.

I should confess that most parts of my new ideas in my blog came to me during physical exercises when I was watching the videos and listening to my music and/or songs.

If you want to make your own playlist of favorite videos and their music and/or songs, you can include whatever you really like. Likewise, you should try to remember and include in the playlist everything related to positive events in your life and the times that awakened any of your positive emotional or mental feelings in the past and present time. You may try and see how your new playlist and exercises will influence you together.

You may use music and/or songs in one of my playlists as an example and guide:

But of course your favorite videos and their music and/or songs may be completely different and you may not like some of them from my playlist, especially for periods of time when I was a young, a teenager or a child.





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