Editors: Rad Komissar, Anna Linde

October 10, 2019

Part 1. Preface (renewed on October 11, 2019)

A long time ago, when I was younger, I had quite a good memory for remembering my night dreams in full detail. This ability however gradually diminished due to my aging. Nevertheless, my developed ability to remember a night of sleep allowed me to discover some interesting aspects involving my dreams. As a result, I now better understand our ability to memorize, our memory and the brain as a whole.


Part 2. Psychometry In Night Dreams (renewed on October 12, 2019)

First, I experimentally discovered that my dreams would alter if I slept next to an object used by another person for a long time. I was able to see some images and information related to this person. One of the most accurate experiments was with my wife’s old ring she used to wear.

She used to wear this ring for a very long time, including the time when she was studying at the Medical Institute. She had some emotional stress in one of the rooms she was studying in and remembered this room very vividly.

Before my experiment, I read something about psychometry. I learned that the information about the owner is stored in the object for a very long time:

I have decided to check its existence in night dreams by using my ability to remember my night dreams when I was awake.

My wife gave me her ring and in the morning I surprised her by giving her quite a detailed description of her studying room where she had some emotional stress. The only difference was that the place of the table and windows were a mirror reflection of what was in the real room.

During my experiments with personal objects, while dreaming, I experienced some cases of psychometry. The results of this research satisfied me plenty. I didn’t feel the need to continue these experiments with old items because it’s troublesome to sleep with an attached alien item and also due to the busyness at work.

Part 3. Separating Information Of Independent Parts Appearing To Us In Our Night Dreams (renewed on October 13, 2019)

I simply continued to analyze my night dreams. Gradually, I unraveled some interesting peculiarities on how our memory is structured, divided and stored as bits of information that appeared to me in my dreams.

First, I found that my memory works by storing the colors of my dreams separately from the images of my dreams. In my dreams, I could see black and white images of well-known places that are definitely in color.

This means we memorize images and their colors separately and in different compartments of the brain. It seems as though various groups of neurons perform different tasks without intermixing them. If mixing occurred, I would see maybe some mixtures of color with black and white images in my dreams. But I never saw that.

Later my observation was confirmed by independent scientific research of some reactions of the different groups of neurons.

I continued to analyze my dreams, discovering other presently unknown abilities of our memory to store information separately.

The size of objects in the image is memorized separately from the objects themselves. I obtained this confirmation from my dreams where I recognized a known to me object that was either bigger or smaller than it actually is in reality.

An object’s name is also stored separately from the object itself. Confirmation of that I received from dreams where I recognized a known object with a completely different name attached to it other than what it is in real life.

The shape of an object is memorized separately from the object itself. Confirmation of that I got from the dreams where I recognized an object known to me in reality, having another shape.

Location and orientation of objects is stored in our memory separately from the objects themselves. Confirmation of this, I got from dreams where I recognized a known to me object having a very different orientation and location than it does in reality.

The time when events occur is memorized separately from the events themselves. Confirmation of that, I got from the dreams where I recognized a known to me event taking place at a different time than it does in reality.

The color, visual representation, produced sound or feeling from touch related to an object memorizes separately from the objects themselves. Confirmation of that I obtained from the dreams where I recognized a known to me object having another color, visual representation, produced sound or feeling from touch in reality.

The purpose of an action and its received result is memorized separately from the action itself. Confirmation of that I got from the dreams where I recognized a known to me action having a very different purpose and its received result in reality.

All these aspects of our memory in night dreams considered above prove that our brain has a great ability to separate and keep coming up with information as separate independent parts that can appear to us in our dreams.

Likewise, our brain has some other still unexplained attributes.

In my past, I encountered some questions that I couldn’t answer without additional knowledge. For example, I couldn’t answer why sometimes I have information that wasn’t related to me at all in my dreams or why in some rare cases I am running away from some beings chasing after me in my dreams.

Luckily, I eventually found the answers to my questions with the help of the new science of Nicolai Levashov. See  Article E and Article 6.

Part 4. Explanation Of Night Dreams Using The New Science (renewed on October 20, 2019)

Everyone’s physical body is much more complex than we can imagine. It has a great evolutionary acquisition – the soul attached to the physical body. The soul is even more complex than the physical body.

The soul is an integral part of every living being including humans. Actually, it is a life by itself. If the soul leaves any living being, the being simply dies. If the soul is attracted and attaches to a fertilized egg, the egg starts to multiply and grows into the living organism containing this soul.

From part 3 of Article 6:

“Remarkably, every one of our physical cells can have the exact etheric, astral and partly mental copies. We have physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies, consisting of the corresponding cells. Our physical body, that we think we are made of is actually a product, consisting of a mixture of our parent’s genes. The physical body is only a foundation for the whole structure which we call “living matter”. The etheric, astral and mental body (possessing a high degree of evolutionary development) together constitute a single unified and rigid living system — the spirit or soul that we really are. The etheric body is an exact copy of all the cells of the physical body. The astral body is the exact copy of most of the cells of the physical body. The mental body (during its development) can have an exact copy of the brain, spinal marrow, nervous system and bone marrow cells of the physical body.

ALL OUR PERSONALITY EMOTIONS, MEMORY, THOUGHTS AND CONSCIOUSNESS ARE IN THE SOUL, mostly in a huge net of etheric, astral and mental neurons having a lot of connections between each other. They are supported and fed by the net of physical neurons which also deliver them all the information about the world around us (by using our senses) and about all the processes that occur in the physical body (see the book “Spirit and Mind“, Chapters 3,4,5 and 6). The soul manages the body according to the received information. Additionally, the soul appears as a predisposition (which eventually becomes who you are) and as intuition. Intuition is the unexplained feelings you may have that something is true even when you have no evidence or proof of it. Usually, if you possess an older and more experienced soul (comprised of many previous reincarnations), you have a more accurate intuition.”

When we sleep, our soul temporarily leaves our physical body. Our personality, emotions, memory, thoughts, and consciousness — that part of the soul leaves the physical body mostly too.

We sleep i.e., travel outside of the physical body to give the body rest and partly clean itself. During our travel, we can see and participate in many different night dreams.

In our dreams, the soul is able to create its own new realities, similar to and based on our real-life when we are awake. Sometimes in our dreams, the soul can meet and communicate with the souls of other people, including relatives or friends who are also asleep at the same time.

Also, in some dreams, the soul can go up and outside the physical level of the earth i.e., the physically dense sphere of other upper levels i.e., the etheric, astral and mental spheres of earth.

— N. Levashov – What is happening at the time of sleep?

On these levels (or floors) the soul can meet different other souls including the souls of already dead relatives or friends.

The earth’s physically dense sphere is the smallest sphere. The border (surface) of the ethereal sphere is above the stratosphere (7-10 km above the solid and water surface). The border (surface) of the astral sphere is probably at about the height of the space station that orbits at 300 – 500 km.

It’s interesting that some cosmonauts and astronauts during their space flight had prophetic dreams and they could also see, hear and feel very unusual and interesting things:

(  (

They could hear a barking dog, the speech of other beings or they could feel what it’s like to be an animal, including dinosaurs or beings from outer space. These phenomenons were not their imagination. These were real events that cosmonauts and astronauts encountered, saw, heard and felt, during their space flight. They were inside the low astral world (level) of the astral sphere of earth.

The border of the biggest sphere on earth is at about 60 thousand km above the physically dense sphere. See part 2.1 in Article 6

When an animal or human dies, its soul mostly goes directly to the corresponding level of etheric, astral and mental spheres of the earth (sometimes the soul can stay on the physical level of the earth). This level is reached according to the amount of energy or evolutionary potential that the soul accumulated, sustained and had before the animal or the human died.

After the physical body dies on these corresponding levels the soul goes into a passive condition but yet in some ways it can communicate with other souls. The soul stays on the corresponding level until the next incarnation. For more information see Article F and video:

Each physical body is a temporary garment for the soul. Ideally, in each new incarnation, the soul should achieve an evolutionary level at which memory of past incarnations is attained to form a single memory, a single consciousness of the soul. And if this happens in a concrete incarnation, the person who has done it will be aware of the soul as a whole with all his previous incarnations. For him, that which took place in previous incarnations will be as real as yesterday.

In reality, not too many people remember their previous incarnations, at present. Our memory of them is usually closed off to us.

“The soul exists incomparably longer than any of the physical  “wearable” bodies of it, which gives a reason to consider the soul of the person as the main relatively to the physical bodies.” (Nicolai Levashov «Spirit and Mind» Vol.2, page 169).

The etheric, astral and mental levels of the earth have a lot of souls inhabiting them. It can be the souls of animals, some people and sometimes beings from outer space inhabiting mostly a low astral level (hell). Or it can be the souls of humans, sometimes beings from outer space and some animals inhabiting mostly an upper astral or sometimes mental (heaven) levels.

Let’s return to the night dreams, however. Mentioned above prophetic dreams are related to the remarkable ability of the soul to travel through time and space and see people and events from the past or even the future. This is possible if the soul has special qualities and conditions.

If your spirit during sleep went to the etheric, astral or mental levels of earth, it can create very unusual night dreams.

With the help of the new science I got the answers to my old questions (see part 3 above):

— Sometimes during sleep, I meet and communicate (touch) with other souls and see information about them in my dreams.

— In some rare cases, I’ve met the souls of some beings from the low astral level (hell) of the earth in my dreams. I got scared and ran away from them… and then woke up.

Many souls occupying the low astral level are the souls of very old monsters, including dinosaurs. They cannot find a proper physical body to incarnate and have already existed for millions of years without any physical body. However, they still need a small amount of energy to support their long existence. So they become astral parasites who steal energy or evolutionary potential from other (‘fresher’) souls. This stealing of energy or evolutionary potential can occur in dreams, during sleep from the souls that still possess physical bodies. But in most cases, the stealing happens from the souls of already dead people, inhabiting the low astral level (hell). Souls of these people go through a kind of immense (hell) suffering from their lack of energy or evolutionary potential stolen by astral parasites and their souls eventually die from lack of energy or evolutionary potential and never incarnate again.

The reasons why their souls inhabit the low astral level (hell) are their undeveloped souls having low energy or evolutionary potential, or because of people’s distorted souls that possess low energy or, likewise, evolutionary potential accordingly. The latter souls come from dead people having bad karma such as killers, crazy religious fanatics or people who exercised physical, emotional or mental abuse against themselves or other people.

Karma is not an abstract notion. It is a quite real physical reaction to the wrongdoings or (proper) good deeds. All our physical, emotional or mental actions, or deep emotions and/or thoughts, meditations or prayers create imprints on the spiral of the physical DNA of neurons mostly in the brain. These imprints transfer to our DNA according to the soul’s bodies and stay there even if the physical body dies. Therefore, karma is an aggregate of all the imprints collected in the DNA of the physical body and DNA of the soul’s bodies.

Bad karma creates strongly distorted soul’s bodies that eventually develop low energy or evolutionary potential and the soul is left to inhabit mostly low astral level (hell) of earth.

Proper, good karma creates harmonically balanced soul’s bodies that eventually gain high energy or evolutionary potential and the soul inhabits mostly upper astral or sometimes mental (heaven) levels of earth.

In general, the human soul has a higher evolutionary potential than the soul of an animal. Animal brains don’t usually leave significant enough imprints of karma. Animals also have less karma than humans due to their different nature.

Besides animals, the astral parasites can also be human, including still living, some deities and some beings with an alien, non-human nature from outer space.

The purpose of all astral parasites is to steal energy or evolutionary potential from the souls of the living or dead people to gain power and rule them.

Let’s use the considered above knowledge to continue further understanding of our night dreams.

If in your dreams you see your already dead relatives, in most cases they are just astral parasites stealing your energy. They scan your soul i.e., your memory and appear to you in your dream as your relatives. You can feel tired or exhausted when you wake up after such a night dream.

If in your dreams you see, for example, somebody like Jesus or a deity, it is mostly an astral parasite that scanned and created the image of Jesus or a deity for your soul. The parasite while stealing your energy can communicate with your soul, advise you something or give you messages to send to other people after you wake up.

There are many kinds of night dreams where you may meet astral parasites.

Unfortunately, a lot of different astral parasites exist on the low astral level of the earth like a lot of physical parasites that exist on the physical level of the earth. In your night dreams, your traveling soul may meet these astral parasites and encounter problems from them.

If you carefully read and understood the knowledge presented here, you will feel more confident in your night dreams and understand the ways astral parasites can interact and influence you.


Also, pay attention as your night dreams can influence:

— Stress

— Fear

— Trauma

— Emotional difficulties

— Illnesses

— Use of certain medications or drugs, etc. You can find more information here:

— Your diet (the better you eat, the more light and enjoyable your dreams will be)

— The time of your last meal before sleep.