Editors: Rad Komissar, Anna Linde

February 01, 2020


Part 1. Obtaining The Optimal Minimum Quantity Of Food

Part 2. The FINAL UPDATES Of All The Elements In My Diet

Part 1. Obtaining The Optimal Minimum Quantity Of Food (renewed on January 07 , 2021)

At present a truthful common expression ‘listen to your body’ doesn’t work properly if you are under influence of cooked, fermented or hormonal food, supplements, beverages, medicines, drugs, etc.  

Also at present, many people have lost their natural ability to feel satiated — the signal telling them they are full and had enough to eat. These people cannot stop eating, overeat, and feel unwell as a consequence. Therefore, it’s better to determine the optimal minimum quantity of food with which you don’t lose or gain too much weight. The eating until you’re full can be the wrong approach at this time especially if you are still healing.

Determining the optimal minimum quantity of food may take quite a long time. But it’s well worth it because this measure of food will better serve you to maintain optimal balance in the body and brain if, of course, you also eat proper food and don’t eat improper food.

This optimal balance in the body and brain will make you feel great, light and pretty fast with everyday reaction time and thinking. In contrast, if you eat more than necessary, you may feel better satiated but heavy and slow with your reaction time and thinking.

You have two choices in life — either you eat to live, or you live to eat.

Actually, continual following of this vitally important but tough MFZC will change your future life completely. You will gradually heal most of your diseases and health problems. You will become healthier, smarter, and more creative than you were before. Your emotions will be more normal, adequate, and stable. Your body and brain will work every day like a precise clock, and according to your existing inner natural body and brain cycles (see part 5 in Article 2 for additional information).

Some of my readers asked me is it worth keeping the MFZC diet every day for the rest of your life? My answer is definitely YES. The diet healed me and changed my personality completely and I absolutely do not want to be ill again and to return to my previous sick and weak personality, that had a lot of health problems.

IN GENERAL, the optimal minimum quantity of food is the quantity chosen by you to keep your desirable weight.

In case you are obese or too skinny, it’s better to change your weight gradually, if a change to your desirable weight is necessary.

Also this measure of food can vary daily depending on the physical, emotional and mental load you may have.

SOME INFORMATION about people, who have different blood groups, and the influence of diets on them.

The carnivore diet is eaten successfully by different people with different blood groups which contradicts with the existing theory of blood groups (

Many people already had negative experiences when they switched from the carnivore diet to the diet based on recommendations related to the existing theory of blood groups.

Raw meat/fish and pure water are the most species-appropriate and genetically suitable for human consumption. We already are predisposed to this food and pure water for millions of years.

So, people of every blood group can always eat only raw meat/fish diet and drink only pure water instead eating or drinking juices from raw fruits or vegetables, or instead of cooked dishes recommended by the theory of blood groups.

The only difference for the different blood groups may be the time of the period of adaptation to the MFZC diet and drinking pure water.

By the way, some not quite mentally healthy ‘experts’ try to connect blood groups and diets to astrology. Unfortunately, astrology at the present time is wrong and full of mistakes. You can find lots of proof of this on the internet.

Part 2. The FINAL UPDATES Of All The Elements In My Diet (renewed on September 22, 2020)

IN August 2019 I found some my minimum quantity of meat and fish for my relatively low physical activity. I eat twice per day, about 350g of fresh meat at noon and 150-200g of defrosted fish, and 250-300g of fresh meat in the evening. At this time, I consume fat rib steaks and the wild-caught Arctic or BC sockeye salmon bought at Costco.

Also I drink distilled water up to 1,5 – 2 liters a day and at the some days drink cranberry juice.

It’s better if you check cranberries and remove visibly damaged and spoiled berries right before using the cranberries to prepare the juice.

My weight doesn’t fluctuate and I feel quite good every day.

FROM the beginning of December I made some changes in my morning and evening meals.

Now I eat about 350-450g portions of strip sirloin per meat meal. I cut them as usual into ½-inch, bite-sized pieces right before eating. They are not too fat like rib steaks I ate before.  See 2 pictures below:


Also now I don’t eat a evening meat meal on the days when I eat a evening fish meal. I eat 300-400g of fat BC sockeye wild caught unfrozen  salmon every second day, (Arctic frozen sockeye salmon is not selling in BC now). See a picture below:


FROM the beginning of April 2020 I ate boneless leg meat of grass fed lamb and don’t eat beef at all. I eat every day about 600-650 grams of  lamb as a separate morning meal and 350-450 grams of wild caught fat frozen salmon as a separate evening meal (i.e. no meat in the evenings). 

Eating grass fed lamb instead of beef gave me some benefits. My night hours of  sleeping decreased. Also my desire to do things was increased.

The reasons for my positively changed health condition may be:

a) I stopped to eat commercial beef that often can contain antibiotics and artificial hormones.

b) Lamb meat can be more suitable for me genetically.

c) Health and quality of meat of herbivorous animals eating grass is better than when they eat grains.

I didn’t test  grass fed beef due to its relatively high price. Also I cannot recommend this diet to everybody. For many people grass fed beef can be definitely better.

Actually it is always better to eat grass fed cows than the commercial cows that ate genetically modified food and may be full of antibiotics and hormones.

 I continue to drink distilled water up to 1.5 – 2 liters a day and drink cranberry juice at some days.

FROM the beginning of June 2020 I changed a pattern of my eating. I decided  to eat fish only when I really want it. Also I decided to drink cranberry juice only when I really want it.

Let me explain more. I do not like fish and cranberry juice in general but, on some days, or weeks I crave of them. So, these days or weeks I eat fish or/and drink the juice. I do it until a feeling that I am fed up of them. After this I stop eating or drinking them until the next period of craving.

Frequency and amount of  fish and cranberries consuming by me can be different and it depends on my craving. For example for some weeks it can be a few times a week and for some weeks or months it can be zero. Of course they definitely can be other for other people.

These changes of the pattern allow me to listen my body better and follow its choice. I hope it will work for a long term.

Also I continue to eat lamb 2 times a day, or 1 time a day if I eat fish as an evening meal instead lamb.

FROM the beginning of July 2020 I ate freshly ground lamb boneless legs

about 400-450g portions. I use the Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder to prepare ground lamb. 

For some people it may be better to eat lamb cut on small half inch pieces, but freshly ground lamb definitely works good for me because the pieces of lamb are difficult to chew. Chewing and swallowing the ground lamb is more pleasant and much easier. After about 1.5 weeks of adaptation I started to have more fast and easy digestion and decreasing or complete absence of bowel gases. These positive effects were not when I ate ground commercial beef.

FROM the beginning of August 2020 to the present time I eat only freshly ground lamb boneless legs about 400-450g morning portions and about 600-700g evening portions.

Also on some days or weeks I eat fish

or/and drink the juice, but only if I crave them. I do it until I feel that I am fed up of them.

Also I continue to drink distilled water up to 1.5 – 2 liters a day. Moreover, this amount of water can be more or less. It depends completely and reasonably on my condition and desire.

My health, physical, emotional and mental conditions are very good and stable. My body and brain work every day like a precise clock and according to my existing inner natural body and brain cycles.

If I make any further changes in my diet, I will renew the part 1 or/and 2 of Article 15 and you will know about it by the renewed date here and on the homepage of the website for Article 15.


      1. How do you drink it? Small sips over a longer time or like 300 ml at once? Also how long before and after meals? I have a feeling that too drinking spring water causes me diarrhea but Im not sure. Could also be too much fat that I cant digest. What is your ratio of fats to protein in grams? I aim for 2g fat to 1g protein and I achieve that by eating raw lamb or beef fat trimmings. I really need to fix this diarrhea I am raw carnivore (fish and meat) since 1,5 months and had constant diarrhea. Really frustrating. But otherwise I love your diet yuri!


        1. You didn’t read articles of the blog very carefully if you ask these kinds of questions. So I’ll not answer your questions. Find the answers in the blog by yourself and follow them, Don’t be lazy, passive and inert.


          1. Conducting experiments (especially long term) with the food you eat, liquids you drink or the air you inhale can be very dangerous and harmful if they are not species-appropriate and genetically suitable for human consumption.


          2. You are right. I found the answers on the blog. It seems you eat more grams of protein than fat, which seems more natural since animals in nature arent that fatty. I followed the PKD-protocoll which recommends a 2:1 – fat:protein-ratio thats why I asked. Also a lot of carnivores recommend eating high fat. What is your opinion on that? What do you think of other sorts of berries? Do you plan any experiments on them? I dont have access to cranberries right now.


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