July 28, 2018


Part 1. Preface (renewed on March 02, 2019)

After using the mainly raw meat and raw fish zero carb diet (MFZC) for about one year a sensitivity to different food products increases. It becomes easier to determine more exactly what is good or bad for your body and brain. Actually the body and brain are the most excellent testing devices if they are not suppressed and tricked by eating the wrong food. You may use them instead of many medical tests.

I have tested some products in addition to the MFZC diet and every food product was tested separately. Results of some tests can be different for other people due to their genetics, quality and kinds of meat, fish or tested products. But the simple methods to determine quantity of every product and what products are good or bad for you stay same and can be used by everybody.

Part 2. Test on butter (renewed on March 02, 2019)

This test was done during April of 2018. I have added organic unsalted and pasteurized butter to the MFZC diet. After about 2 weeks I started  to have some changes. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: increased feeling of being thirsty, dryness of skin and in the mouth, increased feeling of tiredness and decreased clarity of mind. CONCLUSION: it’s better to not eat butter.

Dairy was not in the diet until about 10,000 years ago. Genetically we aren’t designed to consume raw or pasteurized milk and dairy products after about 1-5 years of breastfeeding. Most people continue to use milk and dairy products during their whole life and don’t pay attention to some of the negative side effects occurring especially if milk is pasteurized  (

‘All cows that produce milk are pregnant, organically raised, fed, etc. or not. It makes no difference that their milk doesn’t have added hormones considering that alone, cow’s milk contains over 60 different hormones without anything being added to it. Now, while all of us have different hormone situations going on, there is no logical research that says we need to take in added hormones from another mammal.’ –

In spite of the amount of nutrition that is in dairy products, they condense milk hormones. For example butter can have some hormones about 10+ times more than milk (to make 1 kg of butter 22 to 27 liters of milk are needed). Also milk itself is a hormonal food (see Article 7 and Muscle meat and fish meat have relatively less hormones and they don’t influence your health as much as milk and dairy products do.

The concentrations (ng/ml or ng/g) of progesterone, estrogen in milk and milk products 

Hormones Milk Cream Butter Yogurt Gouda cheese
Progesterone 9.81 48.6 141 13.3 44.2
17β-estradiol 0.02 0.03 0.3 0.02 0.03
Estrogen 0.13 0.26 1.47 0.16 0.17

Part 3. Test on eggs (renewed on March 02, 2019)

This test was during February of 2018. I added organic eggs to the MFZC diet. After about 1-2 weeks I started  to have some changes. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: more dry skin on soles and lips and decreased clarity of the mind. CONCLUSION: it’s better to not eat eggs.

Eggs have some powerful enzymes and hormones that initiate and start the process of the chicken’s growing.  What kind of processes the eggs can initiate and start inside our bodies especially in old age? We still know just a little ( Eggs are a hormonal food (see Article 7 and, Muscle meat and fish meat have relatively less hormones and they don’t influence your health as much as eggs do.

“…Eggs are one of the most bacteria-filled foods you can eat. Eggs are laced with salmonella, which is found naturally in chicken intestines– yum, right!? Even those that contain no added hormones, pesticides, are cage-free, certified humane (if you can call it that), organic, free range, pastured, etc., are still subjected to salmonella and bacteria-filled toxins that can possibly end their way up into your food….Eggs are also one of the top food allergies in the United States and egg whites are no safer than the egg yolk for one specific reason: albumin. Albumin is a protein found in egg whites that often triggers an allergic response in the body that includes symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes, hives, rashes, redness and swelling of the skin, stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, and even coughing and asthma…. Egg whites actually cause biotin depletion in the body (which is why many people who eat eggs only eat the yolks.) Biotin loss can eventually lead to seizures, hair loss, lack of muscle coordination and tone, and severe joint pain.” –

Also eggs are a seasonal food (mostly spring in the North Hemisphere) and genetically we aren’t designed to consume them all year.

Part 4. Test on salt (renewed on March 02, 2019)

There are no reasons to consume salt ( on a carnivore diet for better health (maybe only if you cook your food too much and destroy the natural balance of food’s nutritional substances). Salt doesn’t help digestion and destroys the natural Sodium/Potassium balance in meat (and in you too). Carnivores don’t go to solonchaks (saline land) to lick salt as herbivores do in the wild. They may lick salt that people left for herbivores. Also they like to lick and eat food remains people can leave in the wild. It doesn’t mean carnivores need salt or the remains. They just are hungry. Also carnivores don’t drink, suck or lick blood intentionally especially if they have enough meat. Sometimes they may do it if they are thirsty or hungry, but it doesn’t mean they need blood for salt.

Some tribes drink blood as a part of their food due to its high nutritional value. They don’t drink blood because they need salt.

I don’t use any spices or salt since 2007 because they change and destroy the great natural taste of raw food (I stopped consuming salt gradually during 3-4 months). On August of 2017 I checked how salt influenced me, if it has not been used for a long time before. The Himalayan salt was tested for 2 weeks. I have added 2-4 g salt to my evening portion of meat. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: feeling of heaviness in the  body and head, feeling of kidneys (usually we don’t feel our inner organs if they are healthy), increased thirst and light brain fog. CONCLUSION: it’s better to not use salt.

Part 5. Test on fasting (renewed on March 26, 2019)

The fast especially long-lasting may damage you and gives a big stress to your body and especially to your brain. They both go to an emergency stage of survival. Many years ago I had several years of practicing water fasts. I did 24-36 hours fasts every week, several 7 day fasts, a few 10 day fasts and one 21 day fast. After weekly fasts I had temporary better health condition (sometimes almost euphoric) and more energy. After 7, 10, 21 day fasts I had these conditions lasting longer.

Unfortunately, they disappeared gradually during a few months every time. Occurring negative symptoms in my overall health (allergies, migraines, inflammations,  joint pains, flues , colds, etc.) also returned back gradually. After the years of practicing fasts I didn’t have any significant changes to my health. The main reason was the improper food I ate.

You can fast for the temporary healing detoxification from toxins collected in your body due to eating improper food (some people use this way to keep eating their favorite addictive garbage food, have relatively less diseases than people around and teach others how to be healthy). But you definitely can use the other more direct way to be very healthy – just don’t eat the food improper for you. You may use a fast for not too long before you change your diet and start to eat food proper for you.

Part 6. Test on alcohol (renewed on March 02, 2019)

Alcohol continues to have a deep devastating influence on people during the dark and cruel history of human kind. It has destroyed the health of many people, their understanding of themselves and the real nature of things or events around them ( ).

I have stopped to drink alcohol completely since October 2017. Before that I usually drank just 50g (1.76oz) of vodka once a week for a long time. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: good lightness in the body and clarity of the mind increased, morning hangover on the next after drinking day didn’t appear anymore. CONCLUSION: even small amounts of alcohol used rarely can destroy the normal metabolism in the body, it’s better do not use alcohol at all in spite of its ability to relax and give some temporary emotional and mental illusions.


Part 7. Supplements (vitamins, microelements, minerals, probiotics, etc.) (renewed on April 12, 2019)

I don’t use any supplements at all (,  If you have any deficiencies related to your genetics, you probably should use supplements. If not, it’s definitely better to not use them at all after the period of adaptation. Use supplements only if you have a really difficult adaptation. Raw fatty meat and raw sea fatty fish have all the supplements and nutrition that are necessary for the best functionality of your body and brain. Also it’s very important that you receive it all in the natural form and right proportions as it always has been before people started to make experiments with food and have diseases related to food.

You may use supplements all your life, feel better mostly at the beginning  and think that nothing is bad to use them permanently  ( Unfortunately it’s not a good choice because we are genetically designed for only the natural proportions of vitamins, microelements, minerals, etc. that is only contained in our genetically proper raw food. Every supplement destroys your natural metabolism and collects negative side effects appearing gradually during your life. It can have a bad influence on your physical, emotional or mental health especially in old age.

Your body and brain have millions of chemically active substances and millions of biochemical reactions between the substances themselves, between substances of food you eat and substances of digesting juices. It’s definitely not a good idea to restore your perfect natural genetic balance of millions substances by using just 2-5 or more supplements. The magic pill doesn’t exist. There exists only symptomatic ‘magic’ pills healing your symptoms and hiding the real cause of your health problems. The real cause eventually is in your improper food.

Part 8. Beverages (renewed on March 02, 2019)

Beverages – tea, coffee, juices, carbonated water*, soft drinks, alcohols, etc. probably are among the worst inventions of people according to the results they have on physical, emotional and mental health.

If you drink only pure water separately from food as all wild mammals have done for millions years, you have a normal water metabolism. Water goes directly into your blood and the blood delivers it to all your cells. In spite of our accustomization to low natural water mineralization, most biochemical reactions in the cells and around them need pure water (distilled water is the best, see information about distilled water in Article 2) for their best fulfillment.** All works precisely according to your designed and evolved genetics.

If you drink beverages – the solutions of sugars, organic and non organic acids, natural or artificial tasty or preserving additives, coloring additives, alcohol, etc. go to your blood at least partly and eventually come to your cells in different proportions every time. They have bad influence on functionality of all the cells. The body and brain have difficult additional problems to separate and change all substances of a liquid you drink, before the body cells can use the liquid. The cells can’t create DNA and other big or small complex organic molecules properly in the coffee, orange or alcohol solutions.

Even if you are healthy and eat very healthy food but continue to drink beverages you still may not have the perfect health and live without diseases at all, especially in old age. Moreover even small amounts of beverages can have a bad unpredictable influence on your health even if they are used rarely, especially if you have sensitivity to them (see ‘Test on alcohol’ above).

Observations show that healthy people who have a very healthy diet and continue to use their favorite beverages eventually get health problems later. They have or will have the problems in spite of their confidence that they feel great and the favorite beverages help them in that.  Unfortunately,  genetically we aren’t designed for the beverages or other food solutions and we didn’t adapt to them completely.

*  The carbon dioxide (CO2)  from carbonated water will be absorbed into the bloodstream at least partly and will change blood pH. The body will definitely react on it, maybe take some calcium to restore the balance, maybe something else. The body cells works the best way when the range of pH values is optimal. If you have pets, try to give them fresh carbonated water and just water and see what they prefer.

**  If you drink tap, spring or well water, it’s better to check its level of mineralization. People living in areas with water having high levels of mineralization often have more hardened blood vessels and may have related health problems. If the level of mineralization is high, for the long term it’s better to drink distilled or at least boiled water.

Part 9. Condition of teeth (renewed on March 02, 2019)

A long time ago I’ve removed many dead teeth having treated root canals. Also for some kept teeth all amalgam fillings have been removed and changed to cement fillings. Actually keeping dead teeth and amalgam fillings poison slowly and harm you. You can find lots of information about it on the internet (for example you can read, DENTAL AMALGAM FILLINGS on  or[UNIQID]).

On raw meat and raw fish zero carb diet (MFZC) my gums and remaining teeth became clean, healthy and strong. The dental tartar does not appear anymore after being 1.5 years on the diet. I brush my teeth only with water and use dental floss ( I don’t have bad breath anymore and it’s always fresh.

Part 10. Some information about skin (renewed on March 02, 2019)

Our skin has some features that many people don’t know or don’t want to pay attention to. The skin has a highly porous surface and successfully and gradually soaks in all solutions of water-soluble, fat-soluble and alcohol-soluble substances you put on the surface.


In the case if you cool the skin right after heating until perspiration, it soaks in fast the water-soluble substances (skin makes a deep inhalation) for about 3 minutes (

A part of all these substances goes directly into your blood through the capillaries. Blood spreads it to all body organs including your brain (especially if you put the substances on your face and under eyes). Substances influence on the normal work of the organs and some artificial substances the body and brain don’t recognize and can’t remove. They start to be collected inside your organs and can initiate the growing of tumors and cancers in the future. For example antibacterial soap has some cancerogenic substances that go through the skin and can initiate hormonal disbalance and/or cancer later (

Soap and other cleaning, cosmetic, disinfecting or healing (except medical, emergency cases) chemicals that you put on your skin influence on your health, slowly and gradually poison you. Genetically we (including our skin) aren’t designed for all this stuff.

Our skin can tolerate many natural or/and eatable products or their solutions. It doesn’t mean that we can put them on skin intentionally for a long time. Solutions of eatable products if they are put on the skin, go directly to the blood through the skin and influence on many inner body reactions and hormonal balance. Other uneatable natural products can have the same unpredictable influence on the body functions as well.

When you are using any mentioned above kinds of products for healing purposes, you may have mostly temporarily relief from symptoms related to health problems by healing the symptoms and hiding the real causes of the problems.

Actually putting different products or their solutions on skin to heal yourself is not a good idea to solve any health problem. The real reasons for most health problems (except accidents, genetic disorders and diseases having anatomical reasons) are improper food and drinking. So just change them to the proper ones and enjoy living without diseases and have very good health without making experiments with your skin.

Cleaning of skin by using only water without soap or other chemicals is quite enough especially if you are on raw ZC diet (maybe except some cases like washing of heavy sticky industrial oils and greases). So just rinse your hands longer if they are really dirty. You may use dry paper towels or napkins to remove the dirt before you rinse your hands.

On raw ZC diet our skin doesn’t produce any unpleasant smells and has a weak natural smell. Actually you’ll not need a deodorant at all.

Already for a long time I don’t use any soap and other artificial or natural chemicals to clean my skin ( My skin is always clean and pathogens don’t bother me even if I have any wounds (the wounds dry, close and recover quite fast without or with small and weak inflammation). Also our skin has a remarkable feature of self-cleaning and uses the help of skin microflora.

Part 11. Why it’s better to not wear  sunglasses (renewed on March 02, 2019)

In 2017 I’ve found that I burn skin more when I wear sunglasses. You may check it for yourself too and compare the results. Also I had a quite distinct feeling to leave the beach earlier if I was without sunglasses. My brain gave me more clear warning signals about the danger of staying under direct sun rays for a long time.

Information comes into our brain from five sense organs as electrical signals. Nicolai Levashov (, the Scientist and Physics Theorist wrote:  “What we see is not the reflection of reality, but its reconstruction in the form of a holographic copy. Constructed by the brain, the holographic copy of reality coincides with reality itself, thereby enabling us to orient ourselves in the surrounding world. So, what actually is the reality around us? A creation of our brain, as subjective idealists assert — or a mirror reflection in our consciousness of objective reality, as materialists insist? Neither is correct. Our brain actually constructs an identical holographic copy of reality” (page 58, Spirit&Mind_vol.1, –

If we put sunglasses on our eyes the brain’s neurons construct a dark and false holographic copy of reality. The neurons constantly send signals to the  huge net of other neurons, all organs and parts of the body including skin. The skin reacts according to the dark and false holographic copy of reality and produces less sweat, fats and special substances defending our skin from intense sun light and burning.  As a result we have the moisturizing of our skin less than really necessary, burn and damage our skin more than if we are without sunglasses.  The action of real sun light is stronger than the body reaction built according to the false copy of reality. The modern increase of skin cancers is related to the mass using of sunglasses.

We always have change of the body reactions to exposure to light rays according to the permanently changing identical holographic copy of reality constructed by our brain. During lifetime and evolution of millions of species including humans, they have developed adaptation to the bright sun rays and don’t need sunglasses. This doesn’t mean that we can be a whole day under the direct sun radiation. At the present times many people should limit their time of being under the direct sun rays if they are not clothed properly.  According to the increase of skin cancers in countries having mass use of sunglasses the benefits of not wearing sunglasses are significant. Also sunglasses don’t decrease the amount of cataract’s cases. If you have an allergy to ultraviolet, wear a hat with a wide brim, long pants and a shirt with long sleeves. At least it’s better than sunglasses changing and decreasing your natural basic body reactions.




  1. Interesting comments on skin. What do you think about using pure home rendered beef tallow as moisturizer in winter months if needed? What about using epsom salt or baking soda bicarbonate baths? The latter can lower acidity from ketogenic ZC diet. If you were to live near a mineral rich sea and swim daily how would it be different, except for your body temp being higher and I suppose absorbing more in bath?


    1. For 1st q. – Our skin can tolerate many natural or/and eatable products or their solutions. It doesn’t mean that we can put them on skin intentionally during a long time. Solutions of eatable products (or products it-selves) if they put on skin, go directly to blood through skin and influence on many inner body reactions and hormonal balance.
      For 2nd q. – uneatable natural products can have unpredictable influence on the body functions.
      For 3d q. – your body is not genetically designed to swim in a mineral rich sea or absorb minerals from the bath.


      1. I appreciate your insights as always my friend. I am troubled by your high intake of distilled water. Most people who eat a raw meat diet drink relatively little water. If they are in ketosis, even less. I drink 1-2 cups a day following natural thirst. Whenever I experiment with distilled water, I find it creates unnatural ravenous thirst compared to low TDS spring water. Have you considered the possibility that such pure water itself is potentially problematic and putting you at risk of diabetes insipidus?


        1. North people drink distilled (melted snow) water all their life at least more than a half of year and have no risk of diabetes insipidus. In spite of our accustoming to low natural water mineralization, the most biochemical reactions in the cells and around them need pure water (distilled water is the best) for their best fulfillment (see additional information in ‘Beverages‘, Article 4 ).You may drink as much water as you want but do not drink during eating and drink after 2-3 hours of eating food.


          1. Do you think northern peoples drink 2-3 litres a day of water? I have seen no evidence of that. The Inuit do not drink nearly that much water. Perhaps the trace level of minerals in natural water are sufficient to prevent the unquenchable thirst that derives from pure distilled water, which is more of a scientific substrate. I would also point out that people in Blue Zones with great longevity most of whom have fatty meat, sun exposure, and spring water in common. Have you considered an experiment to see if you can lower your water intake and feel better yet by drinking a very low TDS spring water instead?


  2. For 1st q. – I don’t think so.
    For 2nd q. – I don’t consider experiments with low water or air intake. Drink and inhale as much as you like and want, enjoy it and don’t trust opinions, traditions and scientific papers too much,
    I didn’t find a difference of the feeling of thirst between drinking of distilled water and other kinds of water.
    Read about distilled water –
    I knew a man who ate many junk food but drunk 5-6 liters of tap water daily during more than 40 years. He was definitely more healthy than all people around him (except me :). We all are different.


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