Editors: Rad Komissar, Anna Linde

July 28, 2018 


Part 1. Preface (renewed on April 23, 2019)

After implementing the raw meat and raw fish zero carb diet (MFZC) for about one year, sensitivity to other foods goes up. It becomes easier to determine with more certainty what exactly is good or bad for your body and brain. Actually, the body and brain are the most appropriate testing vehicles if they are not suppressed and tricked by the consumption of wrong foods. You may use them instead of the numerous medical tests out there.

I have tested some food items in addition to the raw MFZC diet and every one of them was tested at separate times. The results of some tests can yield different outcomes for different people due to their genetics. The quality of produce, types of meat and fish or other foods being tested can also generate varying outcomes. However, the simple methods to determine whether a specific food is good or bad for you and in what quantity remain the same and can be utilized by anyone and everyone.


Part 2. Test On Butter (renewed on August 26, 2020)

My test on butter was conducted during April of 2018. I have added organic, unsalted and pasteurized butter to the raw MFZC diet. After about 2 weeks I started to experience some changes. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: increased feeling of thirst, dryness of skin and dry mouth, increased feeling of tiredness and decreased clarity of mind. CONCLUSION: it’s better not to ingest pasteurized butter (raw butter, also, gradually causes negative side effects, due to its high level of hormones).

Also I cannot recommend ghee instead of using butter because it is a highly overheated cooked food having its own significant disadvantages.

Dairy was not part of the human diet until about 10,000 years ago. Genetically we aren’t designed to consume raw/pasteurized milk or any dairy products after about 1-5 years of breastfeeding. Most people continue to eat milk and dairy products all their life. During their life, especially aging they often start to have some unexpected health problems from a cold or flu to acne, lactose intolerance, asthma, eczema, allergies, etc. Unfortunately, people don’t pay attention or connect these negative side effects from milk (especially if the milk is pasteurized) or dairy:

“All cows that produce milk are pregnant, organically raised, fed, etc. or not. It makes no difference that their milk doesn’t have added hormones considering that alone, cow’s milk contains over 60 different hormones without anything being added to it. Now, while all of us have different hormone situations going on, there is no logical research that says we need to take in added hormones from another mammal.” –

Despite the abundance of nutrition present in pasteurized or raw dairy foods, the hormones from milk get concentrated. For example, pasteurized or raw butter can have hormones in it at roughly 10+ times that of milk, therefore it is a highly hormonal food (22-27 liters of milk are required to make 1 kg of butter).

Pasteurized or raw milk itself is a hormonal food, to begin with. See Article 7 and meat, fat, and fish have considerably fewer hormones than milk and milk products.

The concentrations (ng/ml or ng/g) of progesterone, estrogen in milk and milk products 

Hormones Milk Cream Butter Yogurt Gouda cheese
Progesterone 9.81 48.6 141 13.3 44.2
17β-estradiol 0.02 0.03 0.3 0.02 0.03
Estrogen 0.13 0.26 1.47 0.16 0.17

Part 3. Test On Eggs (renewed on November 25, 2019)

My test on eggs was conducted during February of 2018. I added raw organic eggs to the raw MFZC diet. After about 1-2 weeks, I started to notice some changes. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: drier skin on the soles of my feet and lips, and decreased clarity of mind. CONCLUSION: it’s better not to eat raw or cooked eggs. Cooked eggs gradually cause even more negative side effects than raw eggs since any cooked or dead food does.

Eggs have some powerful hormones plus enzymes that initiate the process of chicken growth. I can only imagine the kind of processes eggs are prone to originate inside our bodies, especially in old age. We know surprisingly limited information about how these hormonal foods are damaging our health. But what we do know is enough to stay clear of (in this case) eggs:

Cooked or raw eggs (yolks and whites) are a hormonal food. See Article 7 and, Muscle meat, fat and fish have significantly fewer hormones than eggs.


“…Eggs are one of the most bacteria-filled foods you can eat. Eggs are laced with salmonella, which is found naturally in chicken intestines– yum, right!? Even those that contain no added hormones, pesticides, are cage-free, certified humane (if you can call it that), organic, free range, pastured, etc., are still subjected to salmonella and bacteria-filled toxins that can possibly end their way up into your food….Eggs are also one of the top food allergies in the United States and egg whites are no safer than the egg yolk for one specific reason: albumin. Albumin is a protein found in egg whites that often triggers an allergic response in the body that includes symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes, hives, rashes, redness and swelling of the skin, stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, and even coughing and asthma…. Egg whites actually cause biotin depletion in the body (which is why many people who eat eggs only eat the yolks.) Biotin loss can eventually lead to seizures, hair loss, lack of muscle coordination and tone, and severe joint pain.” –

Also, eggs are a seasonal food (mostly in spring in the North Hemisphere) and genetically we aren’t designed to consume them all year long.

Part 4. Test On Salt (renewed on March 02, 2019)

There are no reasons to consume salt on the carnivore diet for better health (maybe only if you cook your food too much and destroy the natural balance of food’s nutritional substances). Salt can be a key factor in allergic immune reactions:

Salt doesn’t in any way help the digestion but what it does do is it destroys the natural sodium/potassium balance of meat (and inside you too). Carnivores don’t go to solonchaks (saline soil) to lick salt as do herbivores in the wild. They may, however, lick some salt that people left out for herbivores. Also, they like to lick and eat food remains which people may have left in the wild. It doesn’t mean carnivores need salt or these remains. They’re just hungry. Also, carnivores don’t drink, suck or intentionally lick blood, especially if they have enough meat. Sometimes they may do it if they’re thirsty or hungry, but this doesn’t mean they need blood for its salt content.

Some tribes drink blood as part of their food intake due to its high nutritional value. They don’t drink blood because they need salt.

I don’t use any spices or salt since 2007 because they change and destroy the great, natural taste of raw food (I gradually stopped consuming salt during the duration of 3-4 months). On August of 2017, I checked how Himalayan salt affected me after not consuming it for a very long time. The Himalayan salt was tested for 2 weeks. I added 2-4 g of salt to my evening serving of meat. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: feeling of heaviness in the body and head, feeling of kidneys (usually we don’t feel our inner organs if they are healthy), increased thirst and light brain fog. CONCLUSION: it’s better not to add salt to our food.

Part 5. Test On Fasting (renewed on September 07, 2019)

A fast, especially a long-lasting fast may cause damage and give one’s body immense amounts of stress, especially in the brain region. Both the body and brain go into survival mode during this emergency state. Many years ago before the raw MFZC diet, I practiced water fasting, for years on and off. I did 24-36 hours fasts every week, several 7-day fasts, a few 10-day fasts, and a one 21-day fast. After my weekly fasts, I temporarily experienced seemingly better health (sometimes almost euphoric) and more energy.

After longer periods of 7, 10 and 21-day fasts, these positively pronounced conditions lasted even longer. Unfortunately, however, they gradually faded for a few months or until I fasted again. Eventually, many of my previously negative symptoms gradually resurfaced which caused my overall health to deteriorate again after every fast. Some of my symptoms ranged from the common cold, flu, and allergies to migraines, inflammation, joint pain, and the likes. After years of practicing these fasts, I didn’t gain any significant changes leading to better health. The main reason for my failure was the consumption of improper foods and fasting itself.

You may fast to detoxify your body for a short period of time. It can help to gain temporary healing from the collected toxins due to the consumption of improper foods. Some people choose this lifestyle so they can keep eating their favorite and addictive junk food, maintain relatively fewer diseases than the people around them and teach others how to be healthy. However, it would be wiser to use the other, more direct way of sustaining a healthy and robust body – just don’t eat improper foods. A temporary, short fast like OMAD (One Meal A Day) may not be a bad idea while you are switching your diet and begin eating foods proper for your genetics. But not everybody does well with OMAD, especially if a person still has not completely cured diseases such as gastritis, ulcers, heartburn, etc.

I tested OMAD more than 1 month and can definitely say it’s worse than 2MAD (2 Meals A Day) if you eat OMAD for a long time.

OMAD may be good for people who eat plant and hormonal foods possibly due to their very permanent health problems.

Part 6. Test On Alcohol (renewed on March 02, 2019)

Alcohol always had a deeply devastating effect on people during the dark and cruel history of our humankind. It has destroyed the health of many people, their understanding of themselves and the real nature of things or the events surrounding them: .

I used to drink just 50 g (1.76 oz) of vodka once a week for a long time. Since October 2017, however, I have completely stopped drinking any alcohol. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: a feeling of pleasant lightness in the body and increased clarity of the mind. Since I no longer drink the night before my usual morning hangovers completely disappeared. CONCLUSION: even small amounts of alcohol used sparingly can destroy the normal metabolism of the body. It’s better not to use alcohol at all, in spite of its ability to relax the nerves and give some temporary illusions of emotional and mental relief.


Part 7. Supplements — Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals, Probiotics, etc. (renewed on April 12, 2019)

I don’t take any supplements at all:, 

If you have any deficiencies related to your genetics, you should probably use some supplements. If not, it’s definitely better to completely avoid them after the adaptation period is over. Take supplements only if you are having a super difficult time during the adaptation phase to the raw MFZC diet. Unlike supplements, raw fatty meat and raw fatty fish have all the necessary nutrients for the best functionality of your body and brain. Unmistakingly, it’s very important you receive all your nutrition in its natural form and in the right proportions as it has always been before people started experimenting with food and getting diseases related to food consumption.

You may use supplements all your life, feel better mostly at the beginning and think that it’s not bad to use them permanently:

Unfortunately, it’s not a safe choice because genetically we are designed to run only on a natural balance of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, etc., contained exclusively in our genetically proper raw foods. With time, every supplement you swallow destroys your natural metabolism which increasingly develops negative consequences during your life. Supplements can have a bad effect on your physical, emotional and mental health, especially in old age.

Your body and brain contain millions of chemically active substances with millions of biochemical reactions, happening between the substances themselves, the food substances you eat and the substances comprising your digestive juices. It’s definitely not a good idea to try and restore your perfectly natural and genetic balance of millions of substances by using just 2-5 or more supplements. The magic pill doesn’t exist. There exists only symptomatic ‘magic’ pills. It’s only a bandage that temporarily alleviates your symptoms but hides the real cause of your health problems. The root cause of all your maladies and afflictions is ultimately in the consumption of improper foods.

Part 8. Beverages (renewed on March 02, 2019)

Beverages such as tea, coffee, juices, carbonated water*, soft drinks, alcohol, etc., are probably among the worst human inventions considering the damage they inflict on physical, emotional and mental health.

If you drink only pure water separate from food as all wild mammals have done for millions of years, you’ll have normal water circulation. Water goes directly into your blood and the blood delivers it to all your cells. Despite our adaptation to naturally low water mineralization, most biochemical reactions in the cells and around them need pure water for their best functioning. Distilled water is always the best choice. See information about distilled water in Article 2.** It all works precisely according to the evolutionary design of your genetics. Nothing more, nothing less.

The modern human being drinks beverages with all kinds of chemicals and additives: a solution of sugar, organic and non-organic acids, natural or artificial additives, sweeteners, preservatives, food colorings, alcohol, and so on. Every time you ingest these additives they get into your blood at least partially and eventually end up in the cells in mixed proportions. They have a damaging impact on the functionality of all your cells. The body and brain are burdened with additional work. They must filter and purify your mixed drink by separating out all the substances from the liquid before the cells can use the liquid in its pure form. The cells can’t properly create DNA and other big or small and complex, organic molecules with the use of coffee, tea, various flavors, alcohol solutions, and the likes.

Even if you are relatively healthy and eating very healthy, proper foods but continue to drink beverages other than pure water you still may not achieve perfect or optimal health and live without diseases at all, especially in old age. Moreover, even a small amount of your favorite beverage can have an unpredictable and deleterious outcomes to your overall health even if used sparingly and especially if you have a sensitivity to it (see ‘Test On Alcohol’ above).

Observations show that healthy people who have a very healthy diet and continue to use their favorite beverages eventually acquire health problems later on in life. They either already have or are going to receive health issues in the future in spite of the fact that they feel great right now and the false conviction that their favorite beverages are helping in that regard. Unfortunately, we aren’t genetically designed for the consumption of all beverages (besides water) or other chemical solutions and we aren’t completely adapted to them either.

*  The carbon dioxide (CO2) from carbonated water will be absorbed into the bloodstream at least partly and will change the pH of the blood. The body will definitely respond to it, perhaps by taking some calcium from elsewhere in the body to restore the pH balance or maybe via other means. The cells in our body work best when the range of pH values is optimal. If you have pets try to give them freshly carbonated water and plain water to see what they prefer.

**  If you drink tap, spring or well water, it may be of benefit to you to check the level of minerals it contains. People living in areas with water containing high mineral content often have hardened blood vessels (atherosclerosis) and may also have related health concerns. If the level of mineralization is high in your drinking water then it’s better to drink distilled or at least boiled water before long term consumption.

Part 9. Teeth Health (renewed on July 18, 2020)

A long time ago, I removed many dead teeth, once treated with a root canal. Also, for some of my kept teeth, all the amalgam fillings have been removed and replaced with cement fillings. Actually, keeping dead teeth and amalgam fillings will slowly poison and harm your body. You can find lots of information about it on the internet. For example, you can read more about it here:,identified%20with%20root%20canalled%20teeth.,


On the raw meat and raw fish, zero carb diet (MFZC) my gums and remaining teeth became clean, healthy and strong. After 1.5 years of the diet, the dental tartar vanished and does not appear anymore. I brush my teeth only with water and use dental floss: I don’t have bad breath anymore; it’s always fresh.

From the beginning of July 2020 to the present time I stopped using a brush to clean my teeth and using dental floss. Instead of these I use a thin flow of water under pressure. For making this thin flow I bought and use now a special attachment to the shower that is known as a Cleanstream Shower Enema System.  For how to install  the System watch video on the page:


This attachment has a quite thin metallic tip giving the thin flow of water under pressure. I turn on warm water and regulate water pressure by making it not too strong and not too weak. After I bend my body toward the bathtub and insert the tip with flowing water into my open mouth.

I move the tip with water flow along teeth and between them and also in the areas of gums. This procedure gives a good cleansing for the teeth and a great massage for the gums. For many people the procedure can be healing by a stimulating massage of the gums and also very refreshing.

Maybe it’s worth it to try for everybody to see how positively and relaxing the procedure influences you. In case if you found or think that the tiny food pieces between teeth are jammed far, you can just increase the pressure of water.

No tooth paste, tooth brush and in most cases no dental floss are necessary now or anymore.

Additionally to taking of shower now I also use the tip with water flow for cleansing and massaging my body and head. (While I trained myself to this new for me procedure, I used earplugs, nose plugs and strongly closed my eyes when I cleansed and massaged my head.) This cleansing and massaging works and refreshes better than ordinary showering. After the cleansing and massaging I often take the shower using more warm water.

Part 10. Skin Health (renewed on October 14, 2020)

Our skin has some aspects that many people don’t know about or don’t want to pay attention to. The skin barrier has a highly porous surface which gradually soaks in all water-soluble solutions extremely well, as well as fat-soluble and alcohol-soluble substances administered to its surface.

When you cool the skin right after applying heat until perspiration, it takes a deeper breath and quickly soaks in the water-soluble substances for about 3 minutes:

A portion of all these substances gets directly into your blood through the capillaries. The blood then spreads it to all the organs in your body, including your brain (especially if you apply these substances on your face and under the eyes). These substances affect the normal workings of your organs. The body and brain don’t recognize some of the artificial substances coming in and can’t remove them. They start to collect inside your organs and eventually with enough time may initiate the growth of tumors and cancers For example, antibacterial soap has some cancerogenic substances that can easily pass through the skin and initiate hormonal disbalance and/or cancer with enough use:

You definitely should not put tattoos on your skin. A recent report from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre has raised questions about the safety of tattoo inks in Europe and the US.

It revealed that the microscopic nanoparticles found in tattoo inks can readily penetrate your skin and travel to underlying blood vessels and your bloodstream.

These nanoparticles include heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, and nickel, as well as organic compounds, bacteria, and other potentially harmful substances. See for more information:,and%20other%20potentially%20harmful%20substances 


Evidence suggests that the dangers of tattoo ink are many, and that they may induce the following effects:

  • Infection – Infections like hepatitis and HIV can pass through dirty needles from one person to another.
  • Allergies– Allergies to various ink pigments have been reported and can cause problems.
  • Scarring – Unwanted scar tissue may form when getting or removing a tattoo.
  • Granulomas – These small knots or bumps may form around material that the body perceives as foreign, such as particles of tattoo pigment.
  • MRI complications – People may have swelling or burning in the tattoo when they have magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This happens rarely and does not last long, and is due to degradation of the pigment by the radiation. 
  • The spread of tattoo ink to the body’s lymphatic system. It’s unknown whether this has health consequences.
  • Itchiness and inflammation when exposed to summer sunlight, even in older tattoos, due to pigment degradation from UV exposure.

Research also suggests they may cause toxic effects in your brain, nerve damage, genetic mutations, reproductive problems, and some may also be carcinogenic (

There is interesting and confirmed information that many prisoners and people who have many tattoos often behave crazily and irresponsibly. This information can help us to understand that kind of people were some of our ancestors, who had many tattoos as well. These tattoos had a negative influence on our ancestors too, and often made them behave crazily and irresponsibly as well. Moreover they definitely helped their changes by eating a lot of different wrong harmful foods. So, it’s better in most cases to not reference their deep wisdom.

These inks are the same ones used in permanent and semi-permanent makeup, and the report has prompted the European Chemicals Health Agency (ECHA) to call for a thorough review and strict regulation of all inks used for these purposes.

Sunscreens (, soaps, cosmetics or beauty products and other cleaning chemicals such as disinfecting or medicinal agents (except medical, emergency cases) that you apply to your skin impact your health and steadily poison you. Genetically we (including our skin) aren’t designed for all this unnatural stuff.


Our skin can surely tolerate many natural and edible products, including their solutions. It doesn’t mean, however, that we should intentionally put them on the skin for a long time. When solutions of edible products are applied to the skin they end up directly in the blood through the skin barrier and unregulate many of the inner body’s chemical reactions and its hormonal balance. Other inedible but natural products can have the same unpredictable impact on the body functions as well.

When you use any type of product for healing purposes mentioned above, you may experience temporary symptom relief related to your health condition by removing those symptoms but masking the true cause of your illness.

Actually, applying various products or their solutions on the skin to heal yourself is not a good idea to solve any health challenge. The actual reasons for most health problems (except accidents, genetic disorders, and diseases of anatomical origin) are directly linked with the consumption of improper foods and beverages. Therefore, simply switch to the proper nourishment of your body and live without diseases. And enjoy exceptional health without experimenting on your skin.

Cleaning your skin only with water (without soap or other chemicals) is quite enough, especially if you are on the raw ZC diet (except, maybe, when dealing with sticky industrial oils, grease or similar situations). So just rinse your hands longer if they are really dirty. You may also use dry paper towels or napkins to remove the dirt before you rinse your hands.

On the raw ZC diet, our skin doesn’t produce any unpleasant smells and has a weak natural smell so you should not need deodorant at all.

I have not used any soap and other artificial or natural chemicals to clean my skin for a very long time: skin is always clean. The pathogens don’t bother me even if I have a wound. My wounds dry, close and recover relatively fast without or with mild inflammation at best. Likewise, our skin has the remarkable ability to self-clean with the help of skin microflora.

I use to wash plates and glasses only brush and hot water with adding baking soda sometimes.

For a full basket of laundry, I use half of the recommended portion of laundry powder and set the washer to the Deep Water Wash and Extra Rinse settings. For a long time now, I have been using the 100% natural and fragrance-free laundry powder:

As far as cleaning your house is concerned, I have not used any special chemicals for a very long time. A wet broom or a mop with almost hot water to clean the hard floor is all it takes and for the carpet, I use a vacuum. But it doesn’t work well if you have pets. Their alien smells suppress our human smells, can’t be removed by using only water and your home becomes less cozy. Actually, no one species of animals or birds are allowed to live with other animals or birds in their own shelters.   

Part 11. Why It’s Better To Not Wear  Sunglasses (renewed on June 16, 2019)

In 2017, I’ve found that my skin burns more when I wear sunglasses. You may check this for yourself too and compare your results to mine. Also, I had quite a distinct feeling to leave the beach earlier if I was not wearing sunglasses. My brain gave me a clearer warning signal about the danger of staying under the direct sunrays for too long.

Information comes into our brain from all our senses as electrical signals. Nicolai Levashov (, the Scientist and Physics Theorist wrote:  “What we see is not the reflection of reality, but its reconstruction in the form of a holographic copy. Constructed by the brain, the holographic copy of reality coincides with reality itself, thereby enabling us to orient ourselves in the surrounding world. So, what actually is the reality around us? A creation of our brain, as subjective idealists assert — or a mirror reflection in our consciousness of objective reality, as materialists insist? Neither is correct. Our brain actually constructs an identical holographic copy of reality.” Page 58, Spirit&Mind_vol.1, –

When sunglasses cover our eyes the brain’s neurons construct a dark and false holographic copy of reality. The neurons constantly send signals to the huge network of other neurons, all organs and parts of the body including our skin barrier. The skin reacts according to the dark and false holographic copy of reality and produces less sweat, fats and special substances, defending our skin from intense sunlight and burning. As a result of the misrepresentation of reality, our skin gets moisturized less often than really necessary which burns and damages our skin more than if we were to take off our sunglasses. The intensity of the actual sunlight is stronger than the body’s reaction according to the falsely represented copy of reality. The modern increase in skin cancers might very well be the result of mass sunglasses use.

The body always reacts to the sun’s rays exposure, according to the permanently changing, identical holographic copy of reality constructed by our brains. During the evolution of mankind and millions of species, adaptation to bright sunrays was inescapable and sunglasses were never a part of that equation. This doesn’t mean we can hang out directly under the radiation of the sun without sunglasses the whole day unprotected. At the present time, most people should limit their time under direct sunrays if they are not properly clothed. According to the increase of skin cancers in countries with the mass use of sunglasses the benefits of not wearing sunglasses are significant. Also, sunglasses don’t decrease the number of cases of cataracts. If you have an allergy to ultraviolet rays, wear a hat with a wide brim, long pants and a shirt with long sleeves. At least, it’s better than wearing sunglasses which alter and weaken your body’s essential chemical reactions.

The link below provides new updates and confirms the validity of why wearing sunglasses can be detrimental to skin health:


  1. Interesting comments on skin. What do you think about using pure home rendered beef tallow as moisturizer in winter months if needed? What about using epsom salt or baking soda bicarbonate baths? The latter can lower acidity from ketogenic ZC diet. If you were to live near a mineral rich sea and swim daily how would it be different, except for your body temp being higher and I suppose absorbing more in bath?


    1. For 1st q. – Our skin can tolerate many natural or/and eatable products or their solutions. It doesn’t mean that we can put them on skin intentionally during a long time. Solutions of eatable products (or products it-selves) if they put on skin, go directly to blood through skin and influence on many inner body reactions and hormonal balance.
      For 2nd q. – uneatable natural products can have unpredictable influence on the body functions.
      For 3d q. – your body is not genetically designed to swim in a mineral rich sea or absorb minerals from the bath.


      1. I appreciate your insights as always my friend. I am troubled by your high intake of distilled water. Most people who eat a raw meat diet drink relatively little water. If they are in ketosis, even less. I drink 1-2 cups a day following natural thirst. Whenever I experiment with distilled water, I find it creates unnatural ravenous thirst compared to low TDS spring water. Have you considered the possibility that such pure water itself is potentially problematic and putting you at risk of diabetes insipidus?


        1. North people drink distilled (melted snow) water all their life at least more than a half of year and have no risk of diabetes insipidus. In spite of our accustoming to low natural water mineralization, the most biochemical reactions in the cells and around them need pure water (distilled water is the best) for their best fulfillment (see additional information in ‘Beverages‘, Article 4 ).You may drink as much water as you want but do not drink during eating and drink after 2-3 hours of eating food.


          1. Do you think northern peoples drink 2-3 litres a day of water? I have seen no evidence of that. The Inuit do not drink nearly that much water. Perhaps the trace level of minerals in natural water are sufficient to prevent the unquenchable thirst that derives from pure distilled water, which is more of a scientific substrate. I would also point out that people in Blue Zones with great longevity most of whom have fatty meat, sun exposure, and spring water in common. Have you considered an experiment to see if you can lower your water intake and feel better yet by drinking a very low TDS spring water instead?


  2. For 1st q. – I don’t think so.
    For 2nd q. – I don’t consider experiments with low water or air intake. Drink and inhale as much as you like and want, enjoy it and don’t trust opinions, traditions and scientific papers too much,
    I didn’t find a difference of the feeling of thirst between drinking of distilled water and other kinds of water.
    Read about distilled water –
    I knew a man who ate many junk food but drunk 5-6 liters of tap water daily during more than 40 years. He was definitely more healthy than all people around him (except me :). We all are different.


      1. Do you get a 0 TDS reading? Mine is around 6 with the megahome and I wonder if that would have any impact and how to get it to 0. Maybe by removing the attached charcoal filter or the plastic top of the glass jug? Do u get a 0 TDS reading?


        1. I don’t measure TDS and not use attached charcoal filter or the plastic top of the glass jug. All filters and plastics leak chemical contaminants into water especially if it’s hot.

          If you are at least a few months on MFZC diet, please send me email or PM on FB messenger about your experience and period of adaptation.


          1. I will if I get this far 🙂 One thing I do not understand though. These concern natural springs from the past and present, where people went/go and took a bath in that water and managed to heal different types of health problems. Why is that. If natural mineral water is bad for indigestion, why does bathing in it have benefits? Maybe the body is able to use the minerals in a different way rather than with direct indigestion? Or maybe it´s not about the mineral content but more about the other “live” properties?


  3. These people healed just symptoms of their health problems. If they really healed their diseases, people living near natural springs should be super healthy due to often proper drinking and using the baths to heal themselves. But they are same sick and brainwashed like people everywhere. No difference.
    Read Article 2, part 8, par.3,4,6, Article 4, part 8, par.2,5 and part 10, par. 1, 2,5,6
    Do you eat or tried to eat MFZC diet? Please answer in details.


    1. thanks for the reply. So according to what you said before it would not matter if you have a 0 TDS reading. Some limited TDS number (let´s say below 5) would still be ok? I did not try a MFZC diet yet, I did a cooked carnivore diet for half a year, and it sorted out many health issues, however, I think it would have been better to cut out raw and pasteurized dairy to improve digestion further. I experimented a lot with dairy, it helped for some time, but later it became more of a burden. Main reason why I never fully tried meat and fat only is that i have low HCI including low bile acid to digest these foods. And I think the overconsumption of mineral water messed up a lot of organs, created gallstones (saw them in a flush), therefore I bought a distiller and working my way up to cleanse out the organs and to find the right time to drink. I think drinking too early before a meal is an issue for me, which is a bit strange since distilled water is acidic, hence it should not interfere with HCI production, but somehow it does. When do you have your last glass of water before a meal? You think 30 min is enough or would an hour or longer be better?


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