Editors: Rad Komissar, Anna Linde

November 21, 2018

Part 1. Collection Of Toxins (renewed on February 27, 2019)

On the raw MFZC (meat fish zero carb) diet immunity enhances and gets stronger, hence any damage caused to the body with poison, a cut or wound recovers at a faster rate. Also, your body becomes cleaner by removing the old toxins collected mostly in the organs. Actually, the majority of cancers originate in the organs because toxins collect there. This is one reason why there exist so many different methods of liver detoxification and kidney cleansing. But of course, there are possibly additional reasons for the emergence of cancers. Fat and skin are other places where toxins are accumulated. Toxins concentrate in relatively smaller quantities inside our massive muscles so in these parts of the body cancers occur at a lower rate.

Here are some examples of studies comparing a collection of toxins in organs and muscle meats:
1) Research on cattle raised on agricultural landscapes in the fallout region of a metallurgical plant found that the liver did accumulate significantly higher concentrations of lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, iron, and nickel than muscle meat. Cadmium is very toxic and predominantly accumulates in the kidneys and liver as its rate of elimination from these organs is relatively low:

2) Here’s some research on the distribution of aflatoxin throughout the animal’s tissues. Aflatoxin was found in all tissues, but it was concentrated mostly in the kidneys and liver: – the link doesn’t work now.

There can be many sources of toxins that accumulate in the body. For example:

1) The body can collect toxins from the organs of animals you eat. All mammals, including birds, collect more toxins in their organs due to improper food they sometimes eat and due to environmental pollution. For example, at the present time, it’s better not to consume organs of old animals from farms and cod liver, if it was caught in highly contaminated areas due to the buildup of concentrated toxins.

2) A large number of toxins build up from plants and/or cooked food, especially if you’ve been eating them for a long time. All plants contain toxic substances to defend themselves from being consumed by animals and people; all cooked food contains destroyed enzymes and toxic byproducts created during cooking.

3) Toxins from your skin/hair care products such as sunscreens, makeup, hair dyes and so on, all have low to moderate levels of toxins that seeps inside your body through the skin. See ‘Skin Health’ in Article 4.

Part 2. The Role Of Pathogens In Decreasing Your Immunity Intentionally (renewed on May 04, 2020)

If your body has too many accumulated toxins which it cannot remove by itself, it can intentionally decrease your immunity temporarily and ‘invite’ pathogens to help remove these toxins. The evidence for decreasing immunity was considered in some publications in the past.

Your immunity system works differently than you and your doctors think. The immunity system can be intentionally shot down by the body to permit viral or bacterial infections to come inside. This ability is genetic for all mammals and is the embedded reaction of too much toxins in the body. Fighting with this is useless, dangerous and harmful! Don’t make your immunity more strong by using different supplements or medicines when you have viral or bacterial infection. You fight against yourself!

For example, from the book “How To Guard Yourself Against The Flu And Colds” written by Alexander Chuprun, page 18) you will read the following:

“….As it should be clear from the above, immune deficient states, i.e. programmed shutdown of immunity by the body, is simply a forced way for the organism, not having time without the help of viruses and microbes


to purify its intercellular space from slags of a protein nature and to be freed from weakened cells. This path is not only compelled, but also dangerous.”

Because of toxins the immune system is able to intentionally self-adjust or self-correct and is not simply a system that depends on your genetics i.e., innate immunity:

It is also a system that adapts to what you eat. It’s true when you eat food that is not species-appropriate and not genetically proper for human consumption, you can collect many toxins and your immunity will gradually change.

Of course you don’t want this changing and weakening your immunity and ask doctors or other people what to do.  For example, if you live at the time of the epidemic of flu, you may definitely receive the advice like Vitamin C works very good, like probably some other supplements, medicines or folk remedies. But nowadays the real problem is over fullness of most modern people by very large amounts of different toxins collected inside the body and brain.
Vitamin C, supplements, medicines or folk remedies have side effects but they may help you to stay alive. But they will not clean your body and brain properly or/and for a long term.
Next flu and cold season you again will be ill and even can have more dangerous diseases related to too much toxins inside. It may last quite long time before you die from any disease.
In opposite the proper raw food can really heal and make you clean inside, very healthy and free from diseases.

Nowadays, small kids often start their life with a hefty quantity of toxins passed to them from their mothers during pregnancy. They continue to collect toxins from breast milk and the improper food they start to eat besides milk, and from endless toxic vaccinations:

If a person doesn’t have any significant genetic defects and eats species appropriate food such as raw meat and raw fish for quite a long time or from birth, then this person certainly doesn’t need to be vaccinated because he/she cannot catch any contagious diseases. With time you’ll become convinced of that yourself as you gradually transition to a new life without diseases. From time to time, you will notice that the people around you are terribly sick with the flu but you are perfectly fine without as much as a sneeze.

In the past, people used to die during epidemics because they ate very unhealthy, improper food and had no knowledge of the contamination process plus they had extremely low standards of hygiene. Vaccines decreased the death count but evoked a lot of other diseases and gave birth to some new ones. You might want to read how vaccines cause harm here:

Part 3. Types Of Immunity And Predispositions (renewed on February 27, 2019) 

If you have weak immunity, in most cases this means you have too many toxins inside you and your body will be forced to resort to a dangerous method of cleaning itself by using pathogens which cause disease and inflammation. How often you will have complications depends on the number of collected toxins. The type of pathogens and diseases you catch depends on your genetics and on the kind of toxins you have collected over time. For example, toxins collected from carbohydrates and dairy (casein) products lead to colds and flu (not in all cases). Also, there can be some other additional reasons for decreased immunity. Here’s an example:

The potential time when the disease starts also depends on your predisposition to the disease and the number of appropriate pathogens inside, near and around you. Today most people already have a whole bucket of collected toxins inside their body and are predisposed to many infectious and epidemic diseases. If you acquire immunity from a previously related disease or by vaccination, your immune system should become more resistant to the appropriate pathogens. This prevents you from adopting the necessary pathogens to your body and the possible harm these pathogens can cause inside the body when they are not required. Therefore, these pathogens are somewhat useless since they cannot help much in the cleaning of the body. So the body needs to find and use other pathogens (other diseases) for its cleaning.

If you have strong immunity that mostly means your body is relatively clean from toxins and will not decrease your immunity and ‘invite’ pathogens. If you acquire any damage, poisoning or a wound, it should recover quite fast and without much inflammation. But if you start to consume high quantities of any improper food containing toxins, your immunity will gradually decrease even in the case that you have very strong innate immunity. After some time, depending on your genetics and the number of collected toxins, you start to develop primary diseases such as the cold, flu, local inflammation on the face, body, and the inner lining of organs, etc. If you receive any kind of damage, poison or a wound, as an example, it will have greater inflammation and recover slower accordingly. Additional information can be found here: 

In many cases, people have predispositions to their inherited family diseases. Part of the predispositions and inherited diseases are not actually innate. They appear because people inherit the same exact customs to eat the same exact kinds of improper foods from their family and so they collect the same kinds of toxins. As a result, they obtain the same ‘inherited’ diseases.

In the case of a true innate predisposition to family inherited diseases people get the same illnesses even if they do not eat the same food as their family and do not collect the same kinds of toxins. Actually, in many cases, people inherit only the predisposition to a disease, not the disease itself. This means many (maybe most) inherited diseases can be cured by simply changing the diet.

For example, as my mother aged, she got small white lipomas under her lower eyelids. She ate a different improper diet, consisting of mainly cooked food and plants during her life and passed away from cancer at the age of 70. Likewise, some of my relatives have or had lipomas too. As I aged, the same lipomas appeared on my face despite the fact that I had a very different and improper diet from my relatives. It was an actual case of inheriting solely the predisposition, but not the disease itself. After only one year of being on the raw MFZC diet, my lipomas vanished without a trace.

Part 4. Unnatural “Cure” For Disease (renewed on May 09, 2019)

Many people who do eat improper food ‘cure’ their primary diseases by using medical and traditional drugs (most of them are additional toxins coming into the body), home remedies and supplements, increasing their immunity. By interrupting with unnatural methods people do not allow the natural and innate processes required to clean the body from accumulated toxins through the use of pathogens. Their ‘cure’ produces some results and they ‘recover’. But time passes and people usually start to develop stronger and more diverse diseases. If they continue to ‘cure’ themselves, they gradually end up with chronic diseases and inflammation, hormonal and functional dis-balances* and in some cases very strong infections like Gangrene or Ebola. Actually, the body is suppressed and very ‘confused’ when a part of the brain related to scientific and progressive thinking gives orders to start the ‘cure’. The body may act or respond with an unpredictable reaction and it often does.

In general, animals in the wild accumulate toxins only when they eat improper food for their species. This often happens because they are hungry. Eventually, the animals can get infections i.e., invasion of bacteria or viruses which leads to the programmed shutdown of immunity by the body. Some of these infections are very dangerous for people as well: If animals eat their proper food they are very healthy and usually don’t get any infections.

If people get infections, it means they have collected toxins inside the body by eating improper raw and/or cooked food.

One of the best ways to resolve this situation is by completely switching your improper diet. Unfortunately now, most people have a diet that is not species-appropriate and genetically proper for human consumption. Your diet may be the main source of daily toxins coming in mostly with cooked and/or plant foods. Sadly, this food is not too good for most of us according to the ever-increasing number of different diseases and premature aging today.

*  The endocrine system and the organ functions are very sensitive to many kinds of collected toxins and/or some food, drugs or supplements, nonorganic forms of many chemical elements, including essential trace minerals. They all react mostly negatively (see ‘Advantages Of The MFZC Diet And Pure Water’ in Article 1).

For example, if you follow this link below you will learn the following:

Virtually all American adults over age 50 have one or more
thyroid tumors according to an autopsy study published in
the New York Times on November 8, 1994, page C-1. The
article was written by Gina Kolata.

These tumors usually grow undetected, as they are not
clinically diagnosed, but they are discovered during
histological examination of thyroid tissue upon autopsy.
The autopsy study was performed on thousands of premature
deaths (such as automobile accident victims) and the result
was unexpected.”

Part 5. Are you afraid coronavirus? (renewed on May 13, 2020)

Are you afraid to catch and die from coronavirus infection? Unfortunately, this infection is just because you and all people around you eat not genetic proper for human species food. You can check it on yourself, if you completely switch on only our diet especially if you will be on the diet about one or more years. No viral or bacterial infection will stick to you.

Vaccinations, vitamin C will not allow you to die at this season of flu and colds, like probably some other supplements, medicines or folk remedies will do. But it does not mean you become healthy and live without diseases the rest of your life.

Next flu and cold season you again will be ill and even can have more dangerous diseases related to too much toxins inside. It may last quite long time before you die from any disease.

Nowadays the real problem is over fullness of most modern people by very big amounts of different toxins collected inside the body and brain.

In opposition, the genetically proper raw food – raw meat and raw sea fish can really heal and make you clean inside, very healthy and free from diseases.…
Read Part 2 above here for an additional information.

Part 6. Coronavirus infection is a great teacher (renewed on May 14, 2020)

Coronavirus infection now influence on and teaches almost all earth population.

It teaches:

Our life of everybody is much more valuable than money that we may have. You will begin to understand this truth even if you were born as a greedy person oriented only on money.

You will begin to understand that you are under power of death and at the present time you may die just in a few days or weeks.

But you fear and do not want to die like all living beings around you.

This great fear begins to change you and your destiny. You gradually become completely other person having other values and life purposes.

This is a deep transformation of you under influence of the great teacher – i.e. the coronavirus infection.

You cannot avoid these changes, but you can accept and greet them.

Social results of coronavirus infection are:

  • Human societies, groups or families become gradually more prone to live separately and isolate.
  • People begins to afraid and avoid social or sexual communication or contacts with other people.


It does not matter if you are sick, not sick, or very healthy, you gradually start to prefer to be alone.


A new kind of homo sapiens and a new kind of their society start to grow and develop.


People feel that they renewed and changed during the coronavirus infection.


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