November 21, 2018

Part 1. Collection of toxins (renewed on February 27, 2019)

On raw MFZC (meat fish zero carb) diet immunity becomes stronger and any damage, poisoning or wounds recover faster. Also your body becomes more clean from the old toxins collected before mostly in the organs. Actually most cancers happen in the organs because they collect toxins (this is one of the reasons why there exists so many different methods of liver and kidneys detoxification and cleansing). Also can be other additional possible reasons for the cancers. Fat collects toxins too. Otherwise inside the big amount of body muscles the toxins are collected in relatively smaller amounts and the cancers may happen rarely.

Some examples of studies comparing the collection of toxins in organs and meat: 1) Research on cattle raised on agricultural farms in the fallout region of a metallurgical plant found that the liver did accumulate significantly higher concentrations of lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, iron, and nickel than muscle meat. Very toxic cadmium predominantly
accumulates in the kidneys and the liver because its rate of elimination
from these organs is relatively low, (; 2) Research on distribution of aflatoxin throughout the animal’s tissues. Aflatoxin was found in all tissues, but it was concentrated mostly in the kidneys and the liver ( – the link doesn’t work now).

Sources of toxins that are collected in the body can be many. For example, the body can collect:

1.Toxins from organs of animals you eat (all mammals, birds can collect toxins mostly in their organs due to not always proper food they eat and due to environmental pollution). For example, at the present times it’s better to not eat organs of old animals from farms and cod liver, if it was caught in highly contaminated areas, due to the large amount of collected toxins.

2.A large amount of toxins build up from plant and/or cooked food, especially if you eat them long time (all plants have toxic substances to defend themselves from eating by animals and people; all cooked food have the destroyed natural enzymes and toxic byproducts are created during cooking).

3.Toxins from skin/hair care products, sunscreens and hair dyes…etc. (they all have low or moderate toxins collectible through skin). See ‘Some information about skin’ in Article 4.

Part 2. Role of pathogens and decreasing of immunity intentionally (renewed on February 27, 2019)

If your body has too much collected toxins and cannot remove them by itself, it can intentionally decrease immunity temporarily and ‘invite’ pathogens for helping to remove toxins. Evidences of decreasing immunity were considered in some publications in the past.

For example, from the book “Как уберечься от гриппа и простуды” (, page 18) written by Александр Чупрун:
“….As it should be clear from the above, immune deficient states, i.e. programmed shutdown of immunity by the body, is simply a forced way for the organism, not having time without the help of viruses and microbes


to purify its inter-cellular space from slags of a protein nature and to be freed from weakened cells. This path is not only compelled, but also dangerous.”

So that the immune system is able to change intentionally and is not only a system depending on your genetics (i.e. innate immunity – It is also the system depending on what you eat. Actually if you eat food that is not species-appropriate and not genetically proper for humans, you can collect many toxins and your immunity will change gradually.

Small kids now often start their life already having many toxins collected from their mothers during pregnancy. They continue to collect toxins from the breast milk, from improper food they start to eat besides the milk and from endless toxic vaccinations and

Part. 3 Kinds of immunity and predispositions (renewed on February 27, 2019)

If you have a weak immunity, it means in the most cases you have too much toxins inside and your body will be compelled to use the dangerous way to clean itself by using pathogens giving diseases and inflammations. How often you will have diseases depends on the amount of collected toxins. What kind of pathogens and diseases you will catch depends on your genetics and on kind of toxins you have collected. For example toxins collected from carbohydrates and dairy (casein) products leads to cold and flu (not in all cases). Also there can be some other additional reasons of decreasing of immunity (for example:

Time when a possible disease can start also depends on your predisposition to the disease and the amount of appropriate pathogens inside, near and around you. Now most people already have many collected toxins inside and are predisposed to many infectious and epidemic diseases. If you get acquired immunity from a previous same disease or by vaccination, your immunity system can become more resistant to the appropriate pathogens. This prevents you from an adaptation of the pathogens to your body and from their stay inside the body when they are not necessary. But the pathogens already cannot be a good help in the cleaning of the body. So the body can start to find and use other pathogens (other disease) for its cleaning.

If you have a strong immunity, it means mostly your body is quite clean from toxins and it will not decrease your immunity and ‘invite’ pathogens. If you have any damage, poisoning or wounds, they will recover quite fast and without big inflammations. But if you start to eat big amounts of any improper food having collectible toxins, your immunity will be gradually decreased even in the case you have very strong innate immunity. After some time depending on your genetics and the amount of collected toxins you start to have primary diseases like cold, flu, local inflammations on the face, body and linings, etc. (an additional information – If you have any damage, poisoning or wounds, they will have bigger inflammations and recover more slowly accordingly.

In many cases people have predispositions to their family inherited diseases. Part of the predispositions and inherited diseases  are not really innate. They appear because people inherit customs to eat the same kinds of improper food and collect the same kinds of toxins. As a result they have the same ‘inherited’ diseases.

In cases of real innate predisposition to family inherited diseases people get the same illnesses even if they do not eat the same improper food as their family and do not collect the same kinds of toxins. Actually in the many cases people inherit only predisposition to a disease, not the disease itself. It means many (maybe most) inherited diseases you can cure by changing of your diet.

For example, during the aging of my mother, she got small white lipomas under the lower eyelids (she ate a different improper mainly cooked and/or plant diet during her life and passed away from cancer at age 70). Also some of my relatives had or have lipomas too. During my aging I got the same lipomas while having a very different diet from my relatives diet. It was a real case of inheriting only the predisposition but not the disease. My lipomas have disappeared after one year being on raw MFZC diet.

Part 4. Unnatural cure of diseases (renewed on February 27, 2019)

Many people who do eat improper food ‘cure’ their primary diseases by using medical and traditional drugs (most of them are additional toxins coming into body), home remedies and supplements increasing their immunity. People do not allow and interrupt the natural innate process of cleaning from the collected toxins by using help of pathogens. Their ‘cure’ gives some results and they ‘recover’. But time goes on and people again start to have more strong and more diverse diseases. If they continue to ‘cure’ themselves, they gradually get chronic diseases and inflammations, hormonal and functional dis-balances* and in some cases very strong infections like Gangrene or Ebola. Actually the body is suppressed and very ‘confused’ when a part of brain related with scientific and progressive thinking gives orders and starts to ‘cure’. In reply the body may start to react and act unpredictably.

One of the best ways to resolve this situation is the complete change of your improper diet. Actually, now most people have a diet that is not species-appropriate and genetically proper for humans. Your diet can be the daily main source of toxins coming mostly with cooked and/or plant food. Unfortunately, this food is not too good for us according to the amount of different diseases and premature aging of most people.


*  Endocrine system and functions of organs are very sensitive to many kinds of collected toxins or/and some food, drugs or supplements, non organic forms of many chemical elements including essential trace elements, and they react mostly negatively (see ‘Advantages of MFZC diet and pure water’ in Article 1).

For example, from

Virtually all American adults over age 50 have one or more
thyroid tumors according to an autopsy study published in
the New York Times on November 8, 1994, page C-1. The
article was written by Gina Kolata.

These tumors usually grow undetected, as they are not
clinically diagnosed, but they are discovered during
histological examination of thyroid tissue upon autopsy.
The autopsy study was performed on thousands of premature
deaths (such as automobile accident victims) and the result
was unexpected.”