Editors: Rad Komissar, Anna Linde

February 14, 2019


Part 1. The Impact Of Fermented Food

Part 2. Aged Meat, Molds And Rancid Fat 

Part 1. The Impact Of Fermented Food (renewed on June 27, 2020)

All fermented foods such as kefir, wine, sauerkraut, rotten meat, fish, etc., contain many useful and nutritious substances and they can even make you high, but they also bear a lot of bacteria and their toxic excrements (alcohol, neurotoxins, etc.) that initiate the production of histamines in the body. Eating fermented food eventually decreases the clarity of mind and affects the brain and body functionality: 

Rotten liver.jpg

You can easily check for yourself how fermented food affects your body and mind. Pick a morning when your mind is unusually clear and all day long, eat only fermented food. You will at least develop brain fog by the evening time.

Evolutionally we are accustomed to fermented food. During many years our ancestors were compelled to eat fermented food because they couldn’t keep their food fresh for a long time. This food helped them to survive. But this doesn’t mean fermented food provided them with the best brain and body functionality.

People of the North used fermented food to survive and make themselves high with the influence of toxic bacterial excrements. During the long winter polar nights, it temporarily helped them to have a better mood (this reaction is similar to the reaction of toxic alcohol). Although, it doesn’t mean people from the North had the best possible clarity of mind and the best brain and body functionality. They simply didn’t have a choice.

In some cases, fermented food initiates fast growing Clostridium botulinum i.e., botulism and can be deadly and dangerous. Clinical symptoms of foodborne botulism include gastrointestinal, neurological and muscular signs such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, blurry vision, dysphagia, and symmetrical weakness and paralysis

For people (and many animals too) fermented food was always a compelling food but not preferable for their most optimal physical, emotional and mental functions. Some carnivores can hide their prey up in trees or in the ground by burying it. They do it instinctively because they have a huge genetically embedded experience that other carnivores will eat their prey immediately if they don’t hide it by leaving it out. Carnivores don’t have the instinct to make rotten meat. They do not require any additional kinds of nutrition or toxins from the fermentation of the prey.

Addiction to any and all fermented food (kefir, wine, sauerkraut, rotten meat, fish, etc.) is related to the huge quantity of bacteria and their toxic excrements. Their toxins alter the normal and natural functions of the brain, endocrine system, intestinal microflora and so on. For example, this effect can occur from the bacteria in the ferment generating alcohol which as we know today is toxic. This alcohol can be produced mostly from fermenting either plant or dairy foods. Another example of toxic formation are the neurotoxins created by bacteria mostly in fermented meat and fish foods. Alcohol and neurotoxins are toxic to everybody without exceptions. They tend to form addiction and produce a negative influence on the body and mind even in small amounts. Thus, fermented food is not a good choice of food.

The constant intake of toxins establishes a new balance or disbalance in your body and brain chemistry when fermented food is eaten regularly and for a long period of time. This means fermented food changes your innate personality (your genuine self) similarly as hormonal food does (see Article 7). It can be by the influence of bacterial toxins on the production of your own hormones.

If you stop to consume fermented food, you may experience cravings for it because the toxins make you temporarily high which puts you in a good mood. This may immediately excite you, especially if previously you didn’t feel too good for a long time. But, of course, this doesn’t mean you improved your health if you compare it with your health before when you were on the same but non-fermented food.

Fermented foods harbor living and dead bacteria that die in its own toxic excrements when the excrement concentrations around them become too high. These excrements are a mixture of neurotoxins and other toxins, alien hormones, useful vitamins in the wrong proportions (if compared with the proper, raw and living food), etc.

Actually, when you really look at it, fermented food has been decomposed so it should no longer be considered as real food. It is a complex mixture of modified food remains, a huge amount of living and dead bacteria with their abundant excrements and toxic molds that are not always visible.

You may use fermented food, small portions of alcohol, etc., to ‘treat’ and make yourself feel good or high. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this is a cure. This is only a temporary coverup of your symptoms which does not cure you in the slightest. In reality, they just hide the cause of your health problems related to improper foods.

So it’s definitely better to avoid a huge amount of alien bacteria and their toxic excrements from getting inside you every time you eat fermented food. Fermented food can also be dangerous especially to people with histamine intolerance.

The myriad of bacteria and their toxic excrements in fermented food always impacted the naturally occurring and normal brain/body activity and eventually influenced large populations of people. 

—  Different kinds of bacteria in fermented milk diluted by water

In reality, fermented food is dead food which also means most of its cells are damaged by bacteria and their excrements. The dead cells have damaged cell membranes, lost and modified inner cell content and damaged DNA. It’s the complete opposite of living and raw food. The latter has most of its cells undamaged. They are able to reproduce in corresponding nutrient liquid and its cell DNA can even be used for cloning. These are partly the reasons why this food is alive. Living, fresh, raw and proper animal foods are always the best choice for our body and brain (see Article 9).

Part 2. Aged Meat, Molds And Rancid Fat (renewed on May 22, 2019)

If it’s possible, do not eat aged meat as well. Aging of meat is a slow process of modifying meat to its fermented or another word rotten condition. Aged meat also comprises of a lot of bacteria and their toxic excrements which means it is just as addictive as other fermented foods. Aged meat initiates the production of histamines which is a part of an immune response to foreign pathogens: Generally speaking, histamines are not too good for us even if you think you are fine ingesting them. Some proof of this you can find here: we are accustomed to aged meat but this doesn’t mean aged meat is perfectly good for you or anybody else for that matter.

Also, all fermented foods contain mold:!ut/p/a1/jZFfb4IwFMU_yx54LC3DGd0bIVkGmxBDttW-mCL9QwItaesI-_Sr-qTRzdune-7vpL2nkEAMiaLfraCu1Yp2h57Mt2iN5tEyRXm5jF5QVnyuy7c0RYvqyQObP4AivtN_oxL0nz-_44JHs0pXApKBOglaxTXEgjlAlR2ZsRBzrRtgKWduApzuHLCSMecHBw0cp5KqpmuVgLjXXWOBViedGgacZBNoqBLM6L3dwi9Izh-FIn-yIq5mr3kRo3J2CVxJ7QTcjsXvLTpdH79ok6g6XvgFDePMMBPujZelc4N9DlCAxnEMhdaiY-FO9wG6ZpHaOojPSTj0H_jnPeFVBkg9jQ-_1hpD6Q!!/#top. Mold can pose a hazard to human and animal health when it is consumed following the growth of certain mold species in stored food. Some species produce toxic secondary metabolites, collectively termed  mycotoxins  including  aflatoxins,  ochratoxins,  fumonisinstrichothecenescitrinin, and patulin:

Aged or rancid vegetable oils, butter, meat fat, and fish fat can all be equally harmful too: ( And sometimes even life-threatening:


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