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April 24, 2019

Part 1. What Is Living Food? (renewed on September 27, 2020)

In the article ‘Raw Food is Self-Destructive‘ ( states: ‘When you eat raw, you’re eating living food. The food in which enzymes remain intact and ready to work in order to extract the full measure of nutrition available in what you’ve so wisely chosen to consume. You’ll enjoy eating nutritious raw foods. And what’s more, by lessening your body’s digestive load through raw food, you’ll also benefit from a feeling of lightness, bountiful energy, and an almost indescribable sensation of quiet comfort.’ 

Let’s consider living raw food in more detail. In reality, the food that most people eat is dead food due to cooking or processing. It means all or most of its cells are damaged or destroyed i.e., dead.

Likewise, raw fermented food is also dead since most of its cells are damaged by bacteria and their excrements. These cells end up dying from faulty cell membranes, altered and lost inner cell content plus damaged DNA.

Unfortunately, even frozen raw food in spite of its nutritious profile can die. In many of its cells, you will find an appearance of ice crystals between which a tear can form that will deteriorate the cell membranes and damage DNA. When frozen food begins the defrosting process; these reactions change the quality of food and are actually the process of self-digestion of food – “autolysis” (see ‘Raw Food is Self-Destructive’ The quality of thawed food becomes gradually worse and worse due to the cells’ self-digestion.

All these dead foods are the complete opposite of living food. Most cells in living raw food are undamaged. They are able to reproduce in corresponding nutrient liquid and even their cell DNA can be used for cloning. These are partly the reasons why this food is alive.

For a long time, from September 2018 to February 2019, I tested eating only previously frozen meat and fish. From March 2019, I started eating only fresh living meat and continue to do so today. However, I continue to consume previously frozen fish two times a week, because, I still didn’t find a reliable source of fresh, fatty sea fish, see part 6 in Article 2. I fully eliminated or cured if you will all my diseases and continue to live without them so the results of my testing are quite noticeable. I can confirm that fresh raw living meat gives better satisfaction and clarity of mind and provides more energy than previously frozen meat. For those people who still suffer from disease(s), the results can be even more profound. But I recommend eating fresh meat or fish only after the period of adaptation for safety reasons (see parts 3 and 4 in Article 2).

How can we keep our food fresh as long as possible in the fridge? For example, you can use the expensive chamber vacuum sealer(

In March 2019, I discovered how to keep fresh food in the fridge without going bad for a pretty long time.
This temperature allows you to prevent food from spreading bacteria and autolysis for quite a long time, but make sure you wrap your food tightly into BPA free plastic without any gaps to prevent it from coming into contact with air.

Long keeping meat.JPG

—  Hermetically wrapped daily portions of beef in the fridge  —

I found that properly wrapped meat maintains its fresh look without the appearance of additional smells for 8-10 days,  if in the fridge lowest temperature is installed to the meaning when the water in the cup (see pic above) no longer freezes. When additional smells appear it’s usually from bacteria and their excrements and/or due to the process of self-digestion of meat. 

Part 2. What Is Prana In Food? (renewed on April 26, 2019)

As previously mentioned most cells in living food are undamaged. Moreover, living food can supply one with more energy and clarity of mind. How is it possible that undamaged, living cells can increase energy and clarity of mind more than damaged, dead cells even though they both have the same amount of nutrients (in the case of thawed food)? The direct cause of this positive result is more likely due to prana which is high in living food:

In general, the definition of prana is life force energy – basically anything that gives you energy. The Sanskrit word for energy or life force, prana, is the underlying concept behind whole foods, raw foods and anything organic. Cooking food will kill off the prana, and microwaving will pretty much destroy it too. Food can change our mood and how we feel about ourselves. If your prana is high, you will be more dynamic and energized.

Living food high in prana also provides a form of happiness that’s more sustainable than the quick hit of a cup of coffee, soda, fermented or hormonal foods. People who are healing from conditions such as cancer should seek living food high in prana, as should people who want to boost their health. The root of a lot of health conditions is inflammation in the body, and foods high in prana are by nature anti-inflammatory:

Many vegans think that animal foods are dead. This is a big mistake. Most cells in fresh meat or fish are still alive (same as in fresh plant foods), hence they are living foods high in prana. They have more nutrients and more prana or life energy than plant foods: ( But why do they have more prana? Let’s consider prana from the point of view of Nicolai Levashov’s new science (

Every cell of multicellular organisms including plants, animals, and humans have their established etheric (at the minimum) and astral copies. Additionally, some humans can have partly mental copies of cells too (see parts 2 and 3 in Article 6). The physical cell is only the foundation for the whole living structure which we call “living matter”. The etheric, astral and mental copies of the physical cell together constitute a single unified living system — the soul of the cell. The souls of all the cells are joined into etheric, astral or mental copies accordingly i.e., the soul’s bodies of the whole physical multicellular organism i.e., they are its living soul.

All of our emotions, memory and some other qualities are contained within the soul. Even plants experience some kind of emotional reactions and possess memory. Plus, the soul manages functionality of the physical multicellular organism according to the received information.

All single cells and multicellular organisms and their soul’s bodies are constituted and joined from different combinations of merged primary matters. The primary matters form our entire universe including all physically dense matter and other kinds of matter everywhere, where the necessary conditions for their confluence appeared.

All physically dense matter including the single cells and multicellular organisms are constituted from 7 primary matters – A, B, C, D, E, F, G. The soul’s bodies are comprised mostly from the primary matters – G, F, E. (see part 2 in Article 6)

The soul’s bodies of plant and animal cells form the etheric body from primary matter G and the astral body from primary matters G and F. These etheric and astral bodies together constitute the living soul of a plant or animal.

When you eat plant or animal foods, they digest in your stomach and intestines and the primary matters G and F i.e., the souls of the cells get relief. Matters G and F join the separated, general flow of primary matters that exist alongside the spinal cord (see part 2.4. in Article 6 and the indicated there corresponding book).

Additionally, a part of them reaches your etheric and astral bodies and feeds them, making you feel good.

In reality, primary matters G and F are the prana of living food. The prana of living animal food has more of the primary matters G and F, and thus helps to support and develop one’s soul better than the prana of living plant foods. A more developed soul gradually starts to acquire new qualities related to the various features of mind and body (see for example part 5 in Article 2).

As a rule of thumb, carnivores possess a more developed soul than herbivores and thus are smarter given equal circumstances.

Living, fresh, raw and proper animal foods are always the best choice for our body and brain.

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