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All articles, posts, comments and links here have been published for educational and informational purposes. They are not a marketing tool and I’m not selling, advertising or promoting anything.

Already for 3 years (since April 2016) I eat only raw meat and fish and nothing more. I have cured all my diseases (most of them during the first year) and now I live without diseases and health problems at all. In this connection I have decided to publish my research (see the articles below) and share my experience with other people.

Many links proving my point of view are mentioned in the articles and there is additional information on the topics discussed here. It can take long time to read them. If you don’t have too much time, just skip the links. This will not prevent you from understanding the basic ideas and statements considered in the articles.

 I continue to develop and improve these articles. If you see a change of the renewed date, it means that some information or/and additional links, pictures, tables were added to the article or to its part.     

Article 1. WAY TO LIVE WITHOUT DISEASES (renewed on February 11, 2019. New comments – March 30, 2019)

Article 2. MY EXPERIENCE WITH RAW MEAT AND RAW FISH DIET (renewed on January 25, 2019. New comments – January 12, 2019)

Article 3. PARASITES PREFER COOKED FOOD EATERS (Part 3 renewed on April 04, 2019. New comments – November 8, 2018)

Article 4. TESTING AND INFLUENCE  OF OTHER PRODUCTS (Part 7 renewed on April 12, 2019. New comments -January 05, 2019)

Article 5. TOXINS, PATHOGENS AND IMMUNITY (renewed on February 27, 2019)

Article 7. HORMONAL FOOD AND PERSONALITY (Part 2 renewed on April 05, 2019)

Article 8. FERMENTED FOOD AND CLARITY OF MIND (Part 1 renewed on April 08, 2019)

THE POTTENGER EXPERIMENTS (renewed on October 5, 2018. New comments – November 22, 2018)

Raw Food is Self-Destructive (renewed on October 6, 2018)

Raw Foods vs. Cooked Foods – The Great American Rat Experiment   (renewed on December 13, 2018)