Editors: Rad Komissar, Anna Linde

May 11, 2018

Part 1. Preface (renewed on January 25, 2019)

The last zero carb diet I tested consisted mostly of raw meat, raw fish (MFZC) and pure water. I have been testing and eating it from April 2016 to the present time. Also in June 2019 I added some amount of cranberry juice as an optional prophylactic home remedy. Before the raw MFZC diet, I have tested other diets such as the raw meat/fish and fruit diet; raw meat/fish, fruit and green vegetable juice diet; raw vegan diet and some other diets. I have tested these diets for at least 1 year each except the raw vegan diet. The raw vegan diet had a terribly bad influence on my health and I was forced to stop it in a half a year.

Part 2. Who Is The Raw MFZC (And Other Raw ZC Diets) For? (renewed on January 25, 2019)

The raw ZC diet can be used by every adult (and child) who wants to help cure their own diseases and live without them, normalize weight, be healthy, feel alive, have a clear mind, better memory, concentration, and better cognitive abilities during their lifetime, including old age.

If you have weak immunity, serious or incurable diseases (especially in old age), it’s unquestionably a good idea that you be under the supervision of a qualified doctor who knows about that healing abilities of ZC and raw ZC diets. Also, if you are not sure which diet to choose from, you may first start with the cooked ZC diet: for about a half a year and then make the switch to an all raw ZC diet as a more natural, healthier and easier to digest diet. Nowadays, the same restrictions and choices are preferable for children of all ages as well.

Part 3. Adaptation (renewed on January 10, 2019)

You may go through a period of adaptation on the raw MFZC diet, similar to all the other ZC diets. Information about some of the symptoms you may experience during the adaptation period can be read here: and My adaptation lasted for about 3-4 months but sometimes it can last more. I had nightly muscle cramps, brain fog and diarrhea that lasted for about two months (at first up to 4-6 times a day).

I stopped my diarrhea by drinking a glass of cranberry juice daily for 2 days. I used 1 quarter glass of frozen cranberries and 3 quarters of water – all blended together in a powerful blender. The diarrhea stopped completely but returned after about a week for a few days. It was gone without the need for cranberry juice again and I didn’t have it come back for a very long time. …Wild carnivores eat a little sour berries (cranberries, barberry, etc.)  during the berry season. Bears eat cranberries before hibernation to free themselves from internal parasites.

Don’t be afraid of diarrhea or constipation during adaptation if you stick only to raw ZC food and reasonably small amount of pure water.

Our taste buds are changeable. If the intestinal microflora changes, the tastes can change as well.

WARNING: You must not eat vacuum-sealed fish (or meat) if it was kept vacuum sealed at room temperature for a long time. Just throw it out and don’t eat it.

I had a bad experience with vacuum-sealed salmon when I left it defrosting for about 9-12 hours at room temperature. I fell ill with fierce diarrhea, stomach pain, and a headache for about 2 days. Also I didn’t feel as good as I usually do for 1.5-2 weeks.

I now understand that keeping vacuum-sealed defrosted salmon at room temperature for a long time is really dangerous. This happens because fish without air starts to intensively grow anaerobic bacterium that evokes botulism.

I couldn’t smell that the fish has gone bad. But the absence of a foul-smelling discharge does not exclude anaerobic infection since not all anaerobic bacteria produce a smell.

Now I always remove the plastic seal before defrosting my fish in the kitchen.

This information also explains why in some instances you can get unexpected diarrhea from ingesting meat. The reason is that butchers sometimes keep vacuum sealed pieces of meat outside of the fridge at room temperature for too long.

This knowledge is important especially during the adaptation period.

Part 4. What To Expect When You Start Eating The Raw MFZC Diet (renewed on November 26, 2019)

The purpose of this part of the article is to hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes that were made by many others, including myself at the start of the raw ZC diet and also to minimize possible misery during the adaptation phase.

In the beginning of June 2019 I additionally added a small amount of the carnivore’s remedy, the cranberries and got very good results of using it as a home remedy. See Article 10 for details. The benefits of the cranberry juice in practice permit me to recommend drinking cranberry juice every day during and after the adaption period for people who just started on any carnivore diet including MFZC diet. The juice can make the adaption period much easier. But if you have ulcers, gastritis or begin to experience any negative effects from cranberry juice, just do not drink it during your adaptation or for a longer time. For more information see part 3 in Article 10.

In the beginning (at least for a half a year) when you start to consume only raw MFZC food you can protect yourself from parasites and pathogens by buying products from reliable sources. Also, exclude experiments with the consumption of eggs,  ( and dairy ( to prevent possible allergic reactions. Eggs and dairy are hormonal foods which impact many of the bodily and brain functions (see Article 7 and ‘Test on butter’, ‘Test on eggs’ in Article 4)

It’s probably best to cut your raw meat and raw fish into daily portion sizes before freezing for at least a few days and then proceed to thaw you daily portions out for about 12-24 hours in the refrigerator before eating. This is a safety precaution. Freezing kills parasites and their cysts but, unfortunately, doesn’t kill pathogens and just stops them from multiplying.

Also, it’s better not to ingest organ meats such as liver, especially during the adaptation phase. Organs are very rich in vitamins and nutrients, but they often collect more toxins than muscle meat, especially the organs of older animals living in a polluted environment. You can find more detailed information on this very subject at the beginning of Article 5 . Organs are hormonal foods too, see Article 7

You can decrease the symptoms of adaptation if you divide your daily portions of meat or fish into 3-5 small portions because your stomach is not secreting enough stomach acid and it is not strong enough for the efficient digestion of a large amount of meat or fish in one sitting.

Many people continue to suffer from additional health problems and have a hard time adapting because they mix raw and cooked food. Raw and cooked foods are very different, for example, raw and boiled eggs don’t even look the same and have very little in common. Raw and cooked food digest differently, each requiring different times and they are also digested by different kinds of intestinal microflora or gut microbiome. Hence, due to unpredictable results, it’s not a good idea to continue using some of your favorite cooked food and/or beverages (see ‘Beverages‘ in Article 4) instead of only pure water (see ‘Distilled water‘ below). Your stomach isn’t a cooking pot where you can brew whatever you want without modifying the metabolic processes. Also, you may drink reasonably small amount of pure water but do not drink while eating or for the next 2-3 hours after you are done eating.

If cooked food and favorite beverages are one of your main priorities in life, and you don’t want to live without diseases but yet you want to be somewhat healthier, then you may return to partly cooked food and beverages after the adaptation period to raw ZC food is over. It’s definitively best that you do not mix raw and cooked food and eat them separately, at different times.

When you experience long-lasting (over 3 days) constipation, that can be your body signaling that you’re lacking water and/or fat in your meat or fish. This can also occur if you mix raw and cooked food, drink beverages other than water, use salt, spices, supplements, and eat eggs or dairy.

If at all possible, stay away from enemas or colonics. They interrupt normal body functions plus the body becomes accustomed to them permanently. Evolutionally your body is self-adjusting and more ancient and wiser than the part of the brain related to ‘progressive’ thinking.

During the first half a year of raw MFZC, your stomach acid will get stronger and its ability to kill parasites and dangerous pathogens will be much improved. Your body will clean out or detox from the collected toxins built up throughout the years, mostly from the consumption of plants and cooked food. The raw MFZC should also clear your body of the collected by-products usually formed during cooking. Eventually, you won’t have to worry about pathogens (see Article 5) and parasites (see Article 3). They will not live or stay inside your body for a long time after you discontinue all plants and cooked food.

Also, when you first start this way of eating it’s better not to use ground meat due to the adverse effects it has on digestion (see ‘Part 10. Testing The Size Of Pieces Of Meat’). Moreover, it may be dangerous too, according to my experience. Ground raw meat is infested with too many pathogens that enter the stomach, still containing weak acid production. The pathogens survive and reproduce which, in turn, initiates diarrhea.

According to the experiences of other people who consume raw meat, rarely does strong and lasting diarrhea persists. Actually, many people including the followers of Aajonus Vonderplanitz lived for years without any problems concerning pathogens or parasites whatsoever after years of raw meat consumption. However, if you end up with long-lasting diarrhea, don’t panic and simply treat it with any known method. You may try my method as well in ‘Part 3. Adaptation‘ above.

Ultimately, it’s definitely better to experience some diarrhea or other signs of adaptation in the beginning, but continue to gain health on the raw MFZC diet and enjoy life without diseases than live and suffer from a growing amount of chronic degenerative diseases and other health issues that plague one for the rest of his/her life.

At the present time most people have many health problems and have collected many toxins due to eating bad improper food, using medicines, supplements, drinking  beverages, etc. See Article 5 for more information. If you are pregnant and never had any ZC diet before it can be very risky for your fetus. On ZC diets during adaptation you may have a big release of toxins collected before pregnancy during your life. A part of these toxins (together with nutrients) go inside the fetus and can be collected in the fetus. It means that your baby will be born sick and already having a large amount of your toxins. This is the reason why I cannot recommend any ZC diet while you are pregnant.

Unfortunately, nowadays laboratory tests are created for people who eat hormonal/fermented, cooked/plant food. Doctors established norms only for people eating these foods. Probably you may not have all these norm’s ranges the same on MFZC or other raw carnivore diets.
So your criteria should be your gradual improving of wellbeing and gradual absence of any diseases.

Before you decide to start the raw MFZC diet, please finish reading all of Article 2 and the rest of my blog (Articles 1, 3, 4, 5, 78,10, 15), think about the given advice and recommendations from the articles and feel free to ask questions if something is unclear to you.

Part 5. Improvements With The Raw MFZC Diet (renewed on September 20, 2019) 

After the adaptation phase, my overall health has been gradually improving. Most of the improvements took place during the first year of strict adherence to the raw MFZC diet.

I began to experience a mostly good mood, feeling more alive, better sleep (no insomnia at all), lightness in the body, and my memory not only stopped diminishing but significantly improved.

The clarity of my mind has increased drastically. I became more organized and my mental and physical reactions got faster. Here’s a truthful but not politically correct opinion:

I don’t have any headaches or diseases anymore!

My immunity has become much stronger so if I get any damage, poisoning or wounds, they recover faster (see Article 5).

I can be around people now for long periods of time who have a cold or the flu but I manage to stay healthy and not become contaminated or ill.

The moderate cough that used to bother me on a daily basis during the morning hours has gradually disappeared. I developed this cough when testing diets with large quantities of sweet fruits and green juices.

I have become more resistant to cold and hot temperatures.

My back pain, which would last a few days at a time from lifting something very heavy, stopped bothering me after half a year of the diet because the back muscles got stronger and more proportional. I will add that with the raw MFZC diet your muscles may start to grow and adjust according to your genetically predisposed body type even if you are not active or do not exercise. If you do exercise, the shape of your body can change according to your chosen plan.

For an additional information see Article 12

I no longer feel any sort of joint pain since the swelling is no longer present. My joints have also become more flexible without any exercise. Now I exercise sometimes but not on a regular basis. I don’t see too much sense in having a mountain of muscles or running 10 miles every day for health reasons if I already possess reasonably good health and manage to live without diseases of any kind. Here’s additional information you may find interesting: –

Small red spots, acne, and pimples on my body and face have disappeared for good: 

My skin has become smoother and more elastic with fewer wrinkles to boot: Many brown spots that were on my body related to liver toxicity and aging and most keratomas on my head have disappeared.

I used to have a big, thick, flat, grey mole that appeared on my face during my experimentation with diets. After about a year of being on the raw MFZC diet, the mole has started to crack and eventually fell off. Also, small white lipomas under my lower eyelids have disappeared as well. All other diets that I tested before the current diet have only helped my mole and lipomas grow.

The balding process on my head has completely seized its progression and my hair stopped graying further.

The feeling of being permanently thirsty and needing lots of water has disappeared as did the frequent visits to the bathroom.

A hot, unpleasant feeling after eating sweet fruits no longer transpires inside my body because I no longer ingest any fruits.

All of my allergies have vanished.

Previously bothersome and persistent symptoms such as frequent constipation, diarrhea, heartburn and bloating are all gone without a trace and I have a normal bowel movement mostly every day. Since the summer of 2018, I regularly have a bowel movement.

My gums and remaining teeth became clean, healthy and strong. The dental tartar no longer develops on my teeth after 1.5 years of the raw MFZC diet. I don’t have bad breath anymore and it’s always fresh. I only brush my teeth with water and use dental floss. Unfortunately not every dental floss is good:

My sex drive and sexual vigor have noticeably increased.

I can’t possibly know how long I will continue to experience great health but I hope it compares to that of healthy wild animals in nature. In the wild, when animals eat their species-appropriate and genetically proper raw food, they live without diseases and age significantly less visibly than us, humans. The wild animals keep their health, energy, and strength until they die from natural causes.

As far as spirituality is concerned, this way of eating certainly doesn’t decrease spirituality and sensitivity as many vegans like to claim. As a matter of fact, it’s likely to greatly enhance it.


My experience has been just the opposite of what vegans believe. Moreover, you may gradually start to gain crystal clear thinking if you don’t overeat. Overeating produces more fat in your body which the body then needs to utilize or remove. Crystal clear thinking can also be hindered with the consumption of hormonal (see Article 7) and fermented foods, including fermented meat and fish. It’s true that fermented food has many useful nutritious substances and can make you high, but it also has a lot of bacteria and their toxic excrements (for example alcohol, neurotoxins, etc., see Article 8). Crystal clear thinking is crucial to obtain as it provides assistance when trying to ponder and explore the nature of things, people and yourself more deeply.

Part 6. What Were The Types Of Meat And Fish Used On The Raw MFZC Diet? (renewed on January 13, 2020)

While mostly on the raw MFZC diet, I used and tested fatty beef from Costco and frozen wild pink salmon from the local Superstore: (, The beef I still consume today was mainly whole strip sirloin (5-7 kg pieces) which I’d weigh and cut it into daily portions. I would keep 1-2 portions of beef in the fridge and eat them in the next couple of days while the leftovers would get stored in the freezer for later use.

Freezing can break cells apart but doesn’t destroy nutrients. For example, eggs and sperm keep all their nutrients and are alive after proper unfreezing. Actually, the nutrients are comprised of complex organic molecules. Destroying or altering the spatial structure of even one of the molecules will make it simply impossible to return life to the egg and sperm after proper unfreezing.

Also, it’s better to consume either fresh or recently defrosted meat/fish, within a day or two of being frozen fresh. If it’s at all possible, do not eat aged meat. Aging meat is a slow process of turning it to its rotten state (see Part 2 in Article 8). Aged meat has lots of bacteria and their toxic excrements which initiate the production of histamines that are part of an immune response to foreign pathogens: In general, histamines are not too good for us. The proof can be found here: we are accustomed to aged meat but this doesn’t mean aged meat is perfectly good for you or anyone else.

I ate two times per day. For a long time, I consumed only one-third of the daily portion in the morning and two thirds in the evening. If the evening portion was frozen, I’d place it in the fridge in the evening for the following day. The next day I would eat the morning portion and put back the evening portion in the fridge until the evening time. Now I eat 700-800g daily portions – half in the morning and a half in the evening.

From September 2018 to February 2019 (which is quite a long time), I tested the consumption of only previously frozen meat and fish. Since March 2019, I’ve been eating only fresh living meat (more on this in Article 9). Except, I continue to eat previously frozen fish because I still didn’t find a reliable source of fresh, fatty fish.

4.-2018.07.-Dinner or breakfast—     Raw, fatty sirloin divided into fatty and less fatty pieces – cut into ½-inch, bite-sized pieces. A pile of fatty pieces is atop the less fatty ones.

I would usually eat wild salmon comprised of 400-500g, 2-3 times a week in the morning instead of the morning portion of meat (see Part 11 below). I ate its body and discarded the organs. I defrosted, rinsed and cut the body into 2-3 inch pieces. I typically use a knife and hands to peel the skin off the salmon. When you cut fish or meat always point the sharp edge of the knife away from your fingers.

Every day, since April 2019, I’ve been eating 150-200g of only raw, wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon, bought at Costco. I eat it 2 hours before my evening portion of meat. So far, judging by the fish I have tried until now, I believe this wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon to be the absolute best

Meat and fish should always be served as separate dishes and at different times of the day. Also, provide at least 2-3 hours between the dishes. Usually, I eat the same amount of food daily at almost the same time and don’t think about it at all. The body and brain can adjust to these changes quite easily during a short period of time. I start to get really hungry just before I am about to eat. Eating the same thing and the same amount of food every day is the most optimal for me (my weight doesn’t change), except on the days I require significantly more physical, emotional or mental exertion. It gives me some advantage when I am running in higher gears. My mind is greatly relieved from the many thoughts related to food, consequently increasing its focus for other kinds of activities. My organs and their functions are more stable and in better coordination, especially if I eat almost at the same time of day.

Also, it’s quite enough and satisfying for me to eat only raw meat and raw fish without organs. Toxins that the body can’t quickly remove are usually collected in the organs of animals.

I have not used salt and spices since 2007 (see ‘Test On Salt‘ in Article 4): Food is just fuel, not entertainment.

To make your food more affordable you may want to buy fat trimmings and cheap cuts of lean meat separately and eat them together in one meal.

For an additional information see part 2 in Article 15

Part 7. Advantages Of Raw Food (renewed on January 25, 2019)

Why the raw MFZC diet is better than the cooked ZC diets? Raw meat/fish provides stronger immunity, gradually increases the production of stomach acid (HCl) and its concentration, helps to break itself down with its own enzymes, and digests faster and more easily with the assistance of the newly increased stomach acid. Once raw meat/fish makes contact with the HCl acid, hydrogen ions from the acid immediately start to permeate their cells, destroying the cell’s lysosomes and releasing the powerful enzymes within.

Those enzymes go straight to work, digesting the meat/fish body, the very body of which they were once a part. Working together, HCl acid and meat’s/fish’s own enzymes are able to digest it completely.

In the case of cooked meat/fish, its enzymes have been destroyed by heat, and thus the stomach acid can only affect the external tissue of the meat/fish. When the acid is chemically exhausted, that is the end of its aid in the digestive process.

Actually, genetically we aren’t designed for cooked food and after many years of evolution, we did not fully adapt to cooked food. For more information, you can read here: , you are afraid of parasite contamination, you may eat defrosted meat and fish. Naturally, parasites prefer to live inside people who eat cooked and processed food. You can find more information here:

Part 8. Distilled Water (renewed on January 13, 2020)

Water is the second (or maybe even the first) most important vital component to building perfect health. Many toxins including pesticides and herbicides that we consume with modern food are mostly water-soluble. People who understand that and drink some distilled water throughout the day have better chances of being healthy in old age.

In the medical field, medics and biochemists use only distilled water to prepare solutions for their research. They know that if they prepare their solutions by using tap water with even tiny amounts of different salts, the results of their tests will naturally be altered, and wrongly interpreted.

The side effects of even a fraction of various salts dissolved in water can’t be too good for you either especially if all you drink is well, spring or tap water, having high levels of mineralization. In spite of our accustomization to naturally low water mineralization, most biochemical reactions in the cells and around them require nothing but pure water for their greatest realization. Distilled water is the best. Period. Check out additional information inBeverages‘, Article 4 .

If you drink tap, spring or well water, check its level of mineralization. If the level of mineralization is high then it’s better to at least boil the water before longterm consumption.

I use pure distilled water. I make it in a 4 liter home distiller and drink now up to 1- 1.5 liters a day. As aforementioned in Article 1, you may drink a reasonably small amount of water  but don’t drink anything while you eat and avoid liquid intake for the next 2-3 hours after you finish your food. In nature, carnivorous animals do not drink water during and immediately after food consumption. Usually carnivores don’t drink too much water even if they are sick and healing.

I have been drinking distilled water since 2007. I switched my drinking water to distilled water gradually during a few months.

For thousands of years, a lot of people living in dry areas or in the north drink water that is equal to distilled water (rainwater or water made from melted snow). They don’t have any specific health problems related to water. People living in other areas where water has a high level of mineralization often have more hardened blood vessels and may have associated health problems. Here’s more information about the health effects of distilled water:,

Some people may experience the negative effects of drinking distilled water, especially in the beginning. For some of these people, the negative effects usually phase out in 2-3 months. But if you continue to undergo weakness, heart palpitations or something similar, stop drinking distilled water at least temporarily in spite of its benefits. Drink other kinds of water with low mineralisation. For example, spring, boiled or filtered water. If you drink cranberry juice, it’s better to keep distilled water around when preparing the juice. Avoid buying bottled water from the store. You never know what the manufacturing company will add to it to improve the taste of their water. With some time, after you’ve been on the raw MFZC diet for quite a long time, you may try to switch to distilled water again and rip all its benefits.

Remember, distilled water is kind of addictive. You may feel thirsty even if you don’t need so much water, especially at the beginning. A large amount of water may flush your saliva inside your body and provoke thirst. So it’s better to use reasonably small amount of distilled water.  Usually, carnivores don’t drink too much water even when they are sick and healing. They may drink more than usual amount of  water later, after they hunt or due to very hot weather.

For an additional information see part 2 in Article 15


Part 9. Testing Of Portion Sizes To Regulate Body Weight On The Raw MFZC Diet (renewed on January 13, 2020)

I conducted a simple test during the last 3 months of 2017. I tested some portion sizes to regulate my body weight. I’m quite slim at 70 kg (154 lbs) and 180 cm tall (5’10”). I increased my daily portion of meat to 1200g — 400g in the morning and 800g was the evening portion. In a few months, my weight has significantly increased. My body started to look more fat than slim. I definitely didn’t like it and so I gradually decreased the quantity of meat to 600g — 200g in the morning and 400g for my evening portions. My weight has been returned to normal and I am still my slim self. Now, I eat 700-800g daily portions – half in the morning and a half in the evening.

I didn’t test the quantity of fish in one portion. Also, I didn’t test different fat to protein ratios but I always chose more fatty pieces when I buy beef.

THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WHEN I WAS ON THE 1200G PORTION SIZE WERE: increased body weight, decreased speed of physical and mental reactions, increased desire to sleep after eating and a generally more lazy attitude during the day. CONCLUSION: It’s quite easy to regulate weight on the raw MFZC diet. And it’s not a good idea to overeat even if you are on a very healthy diet.

For an additional information see part 2 in Article 15

Part 10. Testing The Size Of Pieces Of Meat (renewed on September 02, 2019)

This particular test was done during the spring of 2017. The test was carried out with raw, fatty ground beef I used to eat before I did the test, and with raw and fatty beef that was cut into half-inch pieces (I started to eat this type of beef after the test). I made 2 piles of meat – one was from ground meat and the other was from a cut of meat. On top of the piles, I made cavities and poured some water into them. In the pile with the cut up meat, all the water soaked in immediately. In the ground meat pile, the soaking in took up to 40 sec. In other words, raw, fatty ground meat behaves like a piece of dense, wet clay. In the stomach, fatty ground meat can delay digestion because meat and fat particles stick together into one big piece and interrupt rapid soaking of the stomach acid. Perhaps, you may try a mixture of raw, lean ground meat (which is cheaper) and raw fat trimmings cut into small pieces but I didn’t test this.

If you have really bad teeth and difficulties to chew, you can drink semi-liquid suspension from lean ground beef mixed with a small amount of water instead of your more sticky and alkaline saliva. Fat trimmings if they are ground, are also sticky for ground meat. So it’s better to cut the trimmings into very small pieces and just swallow them.

After this test, I use only whole cuts of meat or steaks if you will. Usually, I cut the meat and its fat into half inch pieces and eat the fat first. This way the feeling of satisfaction comes faster. If some pieces are difficult to chew, just swallow them as is or half chewed and they will digest really well since meat and fat don’t need to be chewed for a long time. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: a feeling of heaviness in the stomach is much lighter after eating, meat digests faster, the bowel movements are more regular, and the desire to sleep after eating is diminished. CONCLUSION: it’s better not to ingest ground meat.

It’s interesting that the same conclusion was had by Dr. H. L. Newbold and his patients: ( He had an opposite explanation about the negative side effects of ground meat which is that it digests faster. …It’s possible to check precisely which explanation is more accurate but is it worth doing if the conclusion is the same (i.e. do not eat ground meat)?

Part 11. Testing For A Suitable Amount Of Fish On The Raw MFZC Diet (renewed on December 21, 2019)

This test was performed during September of 2017. I tested eating moderate portions of fish at around 400-500g every morning instead of my usual morning portion of meat. After about 1 week I started to experience some changes. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: feeling more hungry all day before the evening meal (and it didn’t seem to matter whether I ate the same portion size as my meat meals or bigger portions of fish), decreased clarity of mind. CONCLUSION: large amounts of fish is not good to ingest on the raw MFZC diet probably due to reasonably high levels of mercury found in fish today. Smaller amounts of fish, meaning moderate portions of fish 2-3 times a week or small portions of 150-200g every day supply some additional nutrients and essential trace minerals (electrolytes), making the diet more stable and more satisfying.

The rationale behind the choice of wild fat sea fish is that it has relatively less content of hormones/toxins than other kinds of seafood can have. Also it has quite an optimal set of nutrients.

Concerns over the fish mercury toxicity exist, but wild fat sea fish also have advantages if compared with terrestrial meat. An amount of fish should be balanced due to mercury toxicity.

Every day, since April 2019, I’ve been eating 150-200g of only raw, wild caught arctic sockeye salmon, bought at Costco. I eat it 2 hours before my evening portion of meat. So far, judging by the fish I have tried until now, I believe this wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon to be the absolute best.

Part 12. Testing The Necessity Of Fish In The MFZC Diet (renewed on January 25, 2019)

This test was executed during the winter months of 2017. I tested the raw MFZC diet without any seafood. For about a month I didn’t feel much difference when compared to the raw MFZC diet. Later, I started to become aware of some changes. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: cravings for other foods, feeling that something is missing, feeling unsatisfied and the decrease of the usual and pleasant lightness in the body. CONCLUSION: It’s better to keep consuming fish in the raw MFZC diet. Moreover, wild, raw fish has vital fatty acids including Omega-3’s and essential trace minerals that terrestrial meat does not have enough of at the present time (see ‘Advantages of MFZC diet and pure water’ in Article 1).


  1. How long do you have to Wait before eating When you have ingested water?

    Im usually hungry waking up, Also thirsty, drink first and Wait 15 minutes then eat?

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  2. Usually I eat around 12 noon first time (1 year ago I ate at 7 am). Before eating I drink water 3-4 times. After eating I don’t drink about 3 hours. Before my second meal around 7 pm I drink water 2-4 times. Last time I drink about 0.3 liter water 20-30 minutes before I go to sleep. Often I don’t wait 15 minutes after drinking water to start to eat. I don’t think I’ve found the best variant, it’s just more convenient for me.


    1. Three questions, if you have the time…
      I’m wondering what time you go to sleep and wake up, and if you think it’s beneficial to allow time to digest before sleeping.
      Also, what is the approximate weight of your food portions?
      Finally, does freezing your meat/fish affect the enzymes contained within that help with digestion?
      Thank you for the helpful info 😀


      1. I go to sleep at about 12 and wake up at about 7 morning (I don’t think it’s an optimal or best time and hours). Yes, it’s beneficial to have 3 or more hours to digest before sleeping. You sleep and feel better.
        Now I eat 700-800g daily portions – half at the morning and half at the evening.
        I didn’t notice any significant difference in the influence of fresh meat or previously frozen meat. It doesn’t mean the difference not exist. It always better to eat fresh (if you have a possibility) after about half a year of being on raw ZC diet.
        Thank you for your questions. Actually any questions help me to correct, edit or renew my article and make it more clear and understandable for the readers (the article is ‘living’).


  3. Thank you for reply, I’ve been on this diet for a few days. At first my stomach was flat, and good. But now I’m noticing some bloating and constipation. What to do?


    1. If you are on only raw MFZC diet and on only pure water, do nothing. It’s adaptation. Remember don’t drink water during eating and 3 and, maybe, more hours after eating.


  4. Hi, thanks for sharing. You wrote:

    “The dental tartar does not appear anymore after being 1.5 year on the diet.”

    To clarify, how many months into a raw ZC diet did it take until tartar stopped? Low carb and ZC diets are known to cause tartar, which may be from a lack of osteoclacin in the saliva. Many use K2 to remedy this. I am interested to hear your comments as I am dealing with this now (I am one year water only beef and fish ZC, but now exclusively raw, this I will try).

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  5. Thanks. You also write about the differences between ground vs diced meat chunks. It is interesting and I will test this out as well. However, I am not inclined to separate fat and lean, as our ancestors would not have done this – have you given thought to this contradiction? Certainly our ancestors would not have meat grinders so the logic you have there makes sense, but if I buy a fatty piece of meat like short ribs, why not just cut it into small pieces and eat without separating fat and lean, have you tried this?


    1. If you eat fat first, you feel satisfied with food faster than when you eat all together. Our ancestors had life very different from ours, they’ve been survived.


  6. Hi, do you eat the skin of the salmon raw? The skin has many of the most beneficial nutrients, but I have not eaten it raw, just the flesh.


  7. No, I don’t eat the skin but in the future probably will do a separate test on influence of fish skin. Maybe somebody else will do it and share the results.


  8. Salmon roe is very nutrient dense but in my country they are salted and in olive oil. Do you think salt and olive oil mask the benefit of salmon roe and should I clean salt and oil before consuming it? If yes how can I clean?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No, my stuff has solid reasoning. Aajonus was completely wrong when he used olive oil.
        Maybe Aajonus is god for you but he is definitely not god for me.
        I’m not into discussions with you, sorry


  9. What do you think of raw wild game? Considering the fact that the modern day cow is more of a “man-made” animal, wouldn´t wild game be superior?


  10. I actually am reading your information here because I am trying to come back to it. Raw mostly beef since 2001, doing Aajonus’ diet, but there were things I didnt like. Like honey, milk. In 2008 I came across ZIOH, and the ZC community. I think from Lex Rooker on the Rawpaleo forum. I tried for the first time raw ZC in 2008 using raw grassfed bison and marrow, from Northstar Bison. Expensive. It worked great for a long time, but started to develop MS symptoms (?). Spasmic muscles contractions around my mouth and hands. While I loved both the way I looked and felt before that. Great energy. I went back to AV’s primal diet. I experimented with raw grassfed meat and gave up raw butter. Went on and off the raw primal. Broke my wrist in a bike accident in 2014 and came running back. Usually I did not last more than 2 weeks on cooked meat. I was in a bind. Raw meat did not supply enough fat. I was on and off butter, but knew my body did not like it. In 2016, I started ZC this time on Costco ribeye for the first time. I rotated prime and choice. I used spring water, mineral water, sometimes RO. I tried salt in 2017 on and off. It made me loopy. I was pretty consistent with it for 2 years. In 2017 though I got what may have been gout. I was busy with school.

    In September our doberman got bone cancer. I was giving him a raw defrosted lamb shank in the morning. Also a raw defrosted meat and organ mix in the evening. But my husband not raw or ZC also fed him kibble. As we started his strict ketodiet treatment, I found myself waivering in my commitment to what I was doing. I added fermented veggies to his diet and mine. I tested our glucose and ketones on various versions on the diet. Even once he died in surgery I stayed with the keto including plants. While a ZC carnivore my morning glucose was 73 and ketones 1.5. Once plants, butter, ghee got added it was higher. 90s and even over 100. Also put on weight. Back to carnivore with exception of puer tea with tallow. Also have been trying cooked meat. Ive been all over the place! Tonight back to raw choice Costco ribeye and RO water. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for being a resource!


    1. Thanks for your detailed description.
      You made and continue to make too many bad experiments with food and drink. I don’t have time to explain you all your plentiful illusions and mistakes. But you can find explanations and answers on most your illusions, mistakes and possible questions here, in the articles and comments to them, if you are able to read with big attention.
      If you’ll still have problems or questions not covered by the articles, feel free to ask.
      Good luck.


  11. 1. It’s just your opinion.
    2.frozen foods aren’t consumed by carnivore animals and they need to hunt every time when they are hungry. Humans have a big advantage and can keep frozen foods whole year without hunting or… etc.
    3.Distilled water i.e. snow consumed by animals living in the north areas when they don’t have a prey or not enough water from the prey. Humans living in the north areas have a big advantage to melt snow and have distilled water when they need it.
    4. Yes, I use as reasoning ‘2.’ and ‘3.’ to support benefits of raw diet.
    5. Again, it’s just your opinion.
    6. You cannot know what other people think. Your ‘making stuff up doesn’t help anyone, and just makes it easier to pass off your writings as “woo-woo”, as normies like to say to dismiss alt health claims.’ are solely your thoughts and your opinion.
    7. For thousands of years, a lot of people living in dry areas or in the north drink water that is equal to distilled water (rainwater or water made from melted snow). They didn’t read information from the health journals. This helped them to stay very healthy.
    I’m not into discussions with you, sorry


  12. Hey yurimor,

    Amazing website. You are a really inspiration for my journey as a carnivore (“cooked” yet).

    Where can I find “Part 10. Testing The Size Of Pieces Of Meat” or did you deleted it?

    Best regards,


    Liked by 1 person

  13. Thanks Yurimor for this fascinating read. After a couple of months on a carnivore diet I am very aware of the gradual changes for the better. What are your thoughts on doing raw fish only, actually raw herring and onions, which is a popular way of eating raw fish here in the Netherlands?


    1. 1) Read Part 11. ‘Testing For A Suitable Amount Of Fish On The Raw MFZC Diet’ above.
      2) Onions are bactericide food. They kill good and bad bacteria in the intestine
      3) Unfortunately, in spite of anti-carcinogens tend to be found in onions they also contain carcinogens. Well-known killers are broccoli, onions, strawberries and cabbage. Even while these vegetables are preventing you from getting cancer, they also are giving you cancer.


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