Nicolai Levashov

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July 30, 2018 


Nicolai Levashov, Great Russian Man, developed his varied and strong innate abilities to the level of super-abilities and super-capabilities. He was also a Scientist and Physics Theorist, who has created a fundamentally new theory of the Universe that provides answers to numerous questions which modern science has considered unsolvable. Based on the postulate of the anisotropy (non-uniformity) of the Universe, he explains the requisite conditions for living matter to appear, the natural laws that lead to the inevitable origin of reasoning life and later, consciousness, which appears, also inevitably, when certain conditions are met. Levashov’s views have nothing to do with Vulgarmaterialismus (Germ.), a mechanistic materialism. He strongly believes the main question of philosophy is absurd and that spirit and matter is essentially one thing. He estimates human abilities as boundless and has no doubt whatsoever that thought can influence physically dense matter: it is, in fact, able to do things which the boldest fiction writers could not even dare to imagine (

The necessity of the new knowledge published by Nicolai Levashov you can begin to understand by reading his article The Theory of the Universe and Objective Reality (

I’ve used this new knowledge for an explanation of the wrong body reaction if you wear sunglasses (‘Why it’s better to not wear  sunglasses‘ in Article 4)

About Nicolai Levashov:


2. Proof that Nicolai Levashov has healed very dangerous kind of cancer (English with Russian subtitles).

3. Nicolai Levashov demonstrates telekinesis (English).

4. Friends of Nicolai Levashov speak about him (English).

5. Spirit in the continuous round of life and death. Some of the new knowledge of Nicolai Levashov (Russian with English subtitles).


Nicolai Levashov about:






6. Read first about the Recovery Sessions here: (

Recovery Session 1. Read first about the Rules:

Recovery Session 2. Read first about the Rules:


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