Article E. Nicolai Levashov

Editor: Anna Linde

July 30, 2018

Part 1. Introduction  (renewed on November 19, 2019)


Nicolai Levashov is a great Russian man, who developed his varied and strong innate abilities to the level of super-abilities and super-capabilities. He was also a scientist and physics theorist, who has created a fundamentally new theory of the Universe that provides answers to numerous questions which modern science has considered unsolvable. Based on the postulate of the anisotropy (non-uniformity) of the Universe, he explains the requisite conditions for living matter to appear, the natural laws that lead to the inevitable origin of intelligent life and later, consciousness, which appears, also inevitably, when certain conditions are met. Levashov’s views have nothing to do with Vulgarmaterialismus (Germ.) or the mechanistic materialism. He strongly believes the main question of philosophy is absurd and the soul and matter are essentially one thing. He estimates human abilities as boundless and has no doubt whatsoever that thought can influence physically dense matter; it is, in fact, able to do things which the boldest fiction writers could not even dare to imagine:

You can begin to understand the necessity of the new knowledge published by Nicolai Levashov by reading his article: The Theory of the Universe and Objective Reality

It’s quite reasonable for anyone to start asking questions  – Why is the new science of Nicolai Levashov better than modern science? How could he obtain such enormous volumes of new information about matter, the origin of life, consciousness, the macrocosms, including stars, planets and black holes and the microcosms including single atoms, living cells, DNA, RNA, and life in general, etc.?

The answer is  – he had great innate and developed abilities plus the knowledge to see and observe all these things directly.

Also additionally Nicolai Levashov had very rare ability to see through time and he could see and observe directly events in the past. Old documents and old maps confirming and proving his ability and/or the real history of human kind you can find in some his books.

Some advanced Yogis, Buddhists and Christian monks who lived mostly in the past, knew and had these and other abilities. Some of the things they were endowed with are the following:
1. Telepathy – mind reading and thought transference.
2. Breatharianism – knowledge of liberation from hunger and thirst which is the ability to live on breath alone, without food, and in extreme cases, without water.
3. Clairvoyance of macroscopic objects and systems – knowledge of the outer universe which could include the sun as a planetary body.
4. Clairvoyance of microscopic objects and systems – knowledge of the inner universe: Some of them could see just a few atoms.
5. Retrocognition – knowledge of the past (not simply memory).
6. Knowledge of how to control natural forces:

A part of these abilities or knowledge (3, 4 and 5) is related to the developed vision through consciousness (brain or mind), having an ability to see directly, without using the eyes. Nicolai Levashov developed this vision to a very high level. He could see everything from single atoms and molecules to huge objects in the outer space such as stars, black holes, galaxies, etc. He could observe and analyze processes that go in microcosms or macrocosms. Also, he could see and observe events in the past. So his new science, having direct descriptions and analyzing the observations of the past events and everything around us and inside us, is definitely new and the next level of modern science. This can compare with the appearance of the first sighted scientist among a society of blind scientists that created and continue to create the science of the blind.

Nicolai Levashov used the internet and libraries to find information at least partly confirming his observations and statements. Actually, he had great abilities of a direct vision and didn’t need this information for himself. But yet he did it for his readers in order to ease their understanding and acceptance of new science and knowledge contenting in his books, articles and videos. A small number of pictures and information he found on the internet and used as references were later determined as fake. Nicolai Levashov worked very hard on his books but didn’t get a chance to check all his references again, because, unfortunately, he passed away (he had excellent health but was killed at the age of 51). This doesn’t mean his new knowledge is wrong in the parts where the fake references were inserted. Only these references are fake but definitely not his new knowledge. Please remember this. Critics of Nicolai Levashov criticize him in most cases by referring to these references. You may see this criticism of him online from time to time.

I’ve used this new science to explain the inappropriate body reactions when wearing sunglasses (in part 11 ‘Why It’s Better To Not Wear Sunglasses‘, Article 4) and to consider the existence of energy called prana in food (in part 2, Article 9) and also to explain night dreams in part 4 of Article 14.

The books of Nicolai Levashov contain a huge volume of new information. If you would like to read or study his books, you can use the writing in ‘Part 2. The Educational And Informational Segment‘ in Article 6  as an additional reference.

Part 1.1. Questions My Readers Asked About Nicolai Levashov (renewed on March 31, 2019)

1) Q. Why was the great soul of Nicolai incarnated on Earth?

     A. He mostly had a mission to accomplish on planet Earth:
a) To prevent some unavoidable planetary catastrophes and local demolishing events (his work was documentarily confirmed).
b) To continue the fight against astral parasites (the cosmos is more dangerous than the wildest jungles on Earth. The Earth and many other planets are inhabited by a lot of living beings including not physically dense forms or species)
c) To deliver real knowledge about the Universe, Earth, the origin of life, consciousness, etc., which is already partly documentarily confirmed.

2) Q. If he had all this insight and knowledge why didn’t he know what to eat?

     ABesides the importance of his really great soul, he also had the impact of his existing incarnated personality formed by the genetics of his parents and his social environment. In reality, his personality was formed inside his huge soul as the next personality, collected by the soul in the continuous round of life and death (everyone’s soul also has its own kind of independent personality i.e., the real personality, appearing to us as intuition that we may not always listen to, and also as our appearance of possible predispositions).

The soul of Nicolai was incarnated on planet Earth for the first time (the soul came to us from a very far cosmos). The soul could use the information of what to eat mostly from his parents and their genetics, the people who he scanned or listened to, etc. Not one of them held the knowledge about proper food for people on Earth. But his soul was very powerful and it kept quite good health of Nikolai’s physical body.

3) Q. Why was he so overweight?

     A. I think the soul may have difficulty managing the physical body optimally if the soul is very big and developed. Nicolai ate even less than when he was young and slim. On one of the meetings with his readers, he said that Buddha was overweight too and was not tall but weighed about 200 kg. Buddha was quite healthy and had a big and developed soul as well.

Part 2. About Nicolai Levashov (renewed on February 02, 2019)


b) Video 1. Proof that Nicolai Levashov has healed a very dangerous type of cancer (English with Russian subtitles). 

c) Video 2. Nicolai Levashov demonstrates telekinesis (English).

d) Video 3. Friends of Nicolai Levashov speak about him (English).

e) Video 4. The soul in the continuous round of life and death. Some of Nicolai Levashov’s new knowledge (mostly in the first part of the video), (Russian with English subtitles).


Part 3. Literary Works And Video Heritage Of Nicolai Levashov (renewed on February 02, 2019)






Part 4. Recovery Sessions (renewed on December 11, 2019)

These Recovery Sessions continue to help people and work to this day in spite of the fact that Nicolai Levashov passed away in 2012.

You’ll find last documented proofs of Russian reviews about the healing by his Recovery Sessions from 2015 to 2018 here:   (see at the end of the webpage).

Recovery Sessions can have strong influence your health especially if you are sensitive to them. They heal by restoring and improving your etheric and astral bodies. But over-using them is dangerous!

If you have too strong symptoms of detoxification, decrease the amount of Recovery Sessions you use per week or temporarily stop them completely.

The YouTube versions of Recovery Sessions published here come without the addition of a small program that limits playback of the session to 10 times only. Therefore, you can watch them an unlimited number of times but no more than 1-2 sessions per day. You can use my playlist:

First, read about the Recovery Sessions here:

Recovery Session 1 (first read the Rules):

Recovery Session 2. Read first about the Rules:


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