Article F. Svetlana de Rohan Levashova

Editor: Anna Linde

–  renewed and edited on December 28, 2018  –

November 14, 2018


Svetlana de Rohan Levashova, is an outstanding Russian woman, who developed her unique congenital abilities to a very high level, with the help of her husband and colleague Nikolai Levashov.

Svetlana wrote a very unusual and interesting book called “REVELATION“. Despite the seemingly fantastic book content, she wrote the truth and for a part of her statements, she found documents confirming that this is not fiction. I highly recommend reading this book if you really want to understand something in this life.


Helen Lyubimova — “…And I thank you for what you have stated in detail and for explaining such an amazing “other” world of which the vast majority has a very dim view. The myth of Orpheus and the poem Dante are perceived as a fable and fiction, but the kind of information that churchmen and variegated guru of esotericism “offer” are generally not able to clearly answer even the most basic questions: Who? How? What for? Why? …Your descriptions of traveling on different “levels” in the “other” world are simply invaluable. They are understandable! At least the average person gets a chance to find out a little bit about how everything actually works THERE. This is so cool! In fact, the suspense or the unknown is always frightening but knowledge and understanding dissolve fear. You eliminate the fear of death (the worst of all fears) from unpreparedness and helplessness – the “other” world no longer frightens from the unknown. You give people a chance to clearly understand that people LIVE after death in the full sense of the word! They keep their feelings and memory (all memory!), they continue to love, be empathic, have a relationship/friendship! At least on certain levels, which means that there are certain rules for their “settlement” that one needs to know if he/she doesn’t want to end up on the bottom level and experience all its “amenities” on their own “skin”…”.

Lyubov Sipina: –  “… Everyone has the Right to Choose! And THEIR life depends only on THEIR choice. In the last chapters of the book of Svetlana de Rohan-Levashova, devoted to Izidora, we see what choice this strong, beautiful and Witty woman makes, and WHAT price she pays for her choice! Thanks to her, we receive invaluable information about the struggles between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, Love and Hate. Once again, this book helps to break up the snares of Deception entangling our Earth, opens our eyes, allows us to cognize the Truth and Verity ….”

Svetlana’s Book – “REVELATION”


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