Editors: Rad Komissar, Anna Linde

20 May 2018


Part 1. Janara’s Expérimentes

Part 2. Toxins Affect On Animals And The Parasites They Harbor

Part 3. Toxins Affect On Humans And The Parasites They Harbor

Part 1. Janara’s Experiments (renewed on January 30, 2019)

In 2013, results of interesting experiments were posted on one of the Russian raw diet forums by Janara, who’s a cynologist: Through a series of experiments with dogs, she has confirmed that the “living” and a raw zero-carb diet consisting mainly of meat is the best diet for a dog’s health. Her 2-year-old dog was cured of piroplasmosis (dog’s infection) just from eating raw food for 3 days without any help from the veterinarian.

Janara brought in a new pup that was highly contaminated with worms and fleas. She didn’t separate him from her other pack of clean and healthy dogs. She fed the pup the same raw, healthy food. The pup didn’t contaminate her other dogs, became free of all parasites, and completely recovered within one month. Janara concluded that parasites could affect us only if our diet is wrong.

Janara’s experiments confirm that parasites do not like raw food and cannot live inside a healthy body, receiving proper nutrition. Parasites will get dissolved with strong stomach acid (raw, mainly animal food diet produces the strongest stomach acid), and/or they just leave the host’s body without any medicines, herbs, or devices.

Part 2. Toxins Affect On Animals And The Parasites They Harbor (renewed on January 30, 2019)

In nature, wild animals cannot get proper food every time. Often, their food is contaminated by dirt, dust, and various organic remains. Some of them are difficult to digest and assimilate or remove. Also, the immediate environment and the food itself always contained toxins that collect inside the animal’s body to this day. These toxins are surely poisonous or at least damaging to the animals in one way or another. This is precisely why parasites have existed with us since the dawn of time. They help to digest and store or remove some substances including toxins that the animal’s body cannot absorb. If the toxins have accumulated excessively and pose a threat, the body allows parasites to remain and reproduce.

Here’s one such example where parasites benefit sharks infested with heavy metals: When the number of toxins decreases, the animal’s body starts to remove parasites, using its natural abilities. Some animals use special herbs to help their body eliminate parasites. It’s logical to conclude that this symbiosis with parasites has existed for millions of years.

Part 3. Toxins Affect On Humans And The Parasites They Harbor  (renewed on March 26, 2021)

People have always had many kinds of parasites. Parasites usually behave themselves and are very quiet if they do not reproduce too much.


Hence, you can live all your life and not even know you have parasites inside you. Today, most people contain at least one type of parasite no matter what part of the world they occupy. It’s a fallacy to think that only third-world countries are infested with parasites. Parasites help clean our intestines and other organs from toxic buildup that the body cannot absorb. But, unfortunately, if there are too many of them, they can shift the balance of hormones/electrolytes and affect the body’s functions including the mind and personality (for example, Toxoplasmosis, Candida, etc.)

In general, besides their help in cleansing, parasites also produce toxic excrements that are poisons for your body and brain. Often these toxic excrements are more harmful to you than their help in cleansing. Consequently, this path of cleaning the body is not only compelled but also dangerous especially when improper food consumption continues.

In general, according to witnesses of experienced pathologists, most corpses always contained parasites. When people are healthy, ingesting only raw, species-appropriate food for their genetics, the number of parasites decreases to either an insignificant amount or drops to zero entirely. If not, the number of parasites tends to increase.  

Here’s an example of where parasites benefit the host with Crohn’s disease:(

The internet is full of partly fake x-ray images of people having bodies and brains full of parasites and cysts. These pictures would perhaps truthfully represent only a fraction of folks who eat cooked food or maybe a mixture of mostly cooked and raw food. People on raw, species-appropriate food and animals in the wild never have anything even remotely close to what you may have observed in those images. This has been well established and confirmed by the long experiences of big groups of people eating raw food.

Naturally, parasites prefer to move in and make their home inside people who eat cooked and processed food. If you are still afraid of parasite infections, you can eat defrosted meat and fish only which has been previously frozen for at least a few days. Freezing kills the parasites and their cysts but, unfortunately, it doesn’t kill pathogens. However, at least it stops them from reproducing.

If you buy already frozen meat/fish, you should not freeze it again. Once it has been defrosted, you must either eat it or keep it in the refrigerator for a short period.


  1. Eggs have some powerful enzymes and hormones that initiate and start the process of the chicken’s growing. What kind of processes the eggs can initiate and start inside our bodies especially in the old age? We still don’t know. Also eggs are a seasonal food and genetically we aren’t designed to consume them at least all year.


    1. You may have a short period of adaptation. If you want to have a clean test, you should compensate the nutrition from eggs by eating more fat meat and more fat fish. Also you should stop to eat any cooked food completely. Only under such conditions you will have the real result how the raw meat and raw fish diet influences you.


  2. I have a huge parasite overload plus candida overgrowth. The parasites effect me a lot, shut down my brain every time they crawl up to my stomach (i know they are in the stomach as when i force puke i can see many. I am currently eating a carnivore diet. Cooked meat, lots of raw dairy (around 3 liters per day plus raw cheese) and raw/cooked eggs and raw honey.

    What´s ur opinion about raw dairy, raw eggs and raw honey when dealing with parasites. beneficial or harmful? Because some people say that milk feeds them but honey kills them. So I wonder if there is a need to always have the milk with honey, or would milk enough be sufficient?


  3. I love eating all raw animal-based foods. My body digests it much quicker and definitely uses most of it to nourish my body with a lot less waste. I’ve been a strict zero carb carnivore since January 4th this year and shifted to eating all raw on August 6th with an occasional rare steak every couple of months when dining out with the family.

    I’ve had all kinds of raw meats, fish and seafood sporadically throughout my life, and I have had no issues with parasites so far eating all raw.


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