Editors: Rad Komissar, Anna Linde

June 21, 2017


Part 1. Preface

Part 2. Why Do People Become Sick?

Part 3. The Incredible Power Of Zero Carb (ZC) Diets

Part 4. Advantages Of The MFZC Diet And Pure Water

Part 5. The (Minor) Disadvantages Of The Raw MFZC Diet

Part 6. Adding Other Food To MFZC Diet

Part 7. Additional Information About The MFZC Diet

Part 8. A Great Example Of How Strongly Food Can Influence Us

Part 9. Some Information About The Influence Of Other Kinds Of Food, Modern Scientific Papers And Traditions

In conclusion


Part 1. Preface (renewed on February 11, 2019)

I wrote several articles that explain my choice of diet for people who are interested in diets, health, and longevity. To present my point of view, I included links in my articles to other articles, confirming the actual influence of the food we ingest on our health and wellbeing. 

This article is the result of many years of research and personal testing of many different diets and their influence on my physical, emotional and mental health (starting from 1985). A simple, zero carb diet mostly from raw meat, raw fish (MFZC) and pure water were eventually discovered for optimal health. I have been testing the raw MFZC diet from April 2016 to the present time and it didn’t disappoint, providing an astoundingly positive impact on my overall well-being. I have concluded that this diet is definitively better than all the other diets I’ve vigorously tested on myself throughout the years.

I hope this article will prove to be of benefit for most people, but especially for those who have health challenges and feel as though their current diet is not kind to them. I publish my articles on different social networking websites, in Facebook groups, and forums for educational and informational purposes and I appreciate any comments, remarks and constructive criticism of my work.

Part 2. Why Do People Become Sick? (renewed on October 12, 2020)

Why do initially perfectly designed human beings acquire so many diseases during their life or at later stages of their life closer to old age? Why do people age significantly quicker and more noticeably pronounced than wild animals?

The answer lies in the food we have been eating for millenniums until modern times. This is especially true with the food we consume today. Many of these foods do help us to survive but they have some short and/or long term negative side effects.

You can read more about these detrimental ramifications in many other articles I’ve linked below in this article and in some my published articles on the website Unfortunately, we really are what we eat. Fortunately, with the right know-how, we can use food as medicine to administer deep healing.

If you want to help yourself cure your own diseases and live without them, normalize your weight, be healthy, feel alive, have a clear mind, better memory, concentration and better cognitive abilities during your lifetime including old age, you should consider a simple diet of only raw fatty meat, raw fatty sea fish (preferably wild caught) and drink reasonable amount of pure water. 

Importance of how meat is really good for us, is in A first confirmation about consumption of red meat and increasing telomere length from…
(mentioned in the article ‘excess of red meat consumption may be associated with an increased incidence of colorectal and breast cancer’ is related to only cooked meat, but absolutely not to raw meat!)
From this article:
‘Regarding diet, the researchers found that only the frequency of red meat consumption was related to telomere length. Therefore, red meat consumption appears to be related to a longer telomere length. However, the study looked at consumption frequency and not the amount of red meat consumed. Although there appears to be a strong positive correlation between red meat consumption and telomere length, the results better represent a basis for further studies in larger populations.’
The significance of telomere length is that the longer DNA telomeres we have – the longer time we live.
The article confirms statistically that the more often we eat meat – the longer we live.
These two articles mean that we can have a really great additional possibility to increase our inherited genetic longevity by eating meat more often.

Part 3. The Incredible Power Of Zero Carb (ZC) Diets (renewed on November 05, 2020)

This healing diet is just one flavor of many ZC diets. These diets have already helped many people cure numerous diseases including the “incurable” ones (, ).  According to the impressive diversity and the number of diseases plus allergies cured by the ZC diets, it is safe to conclude that plant foods actually damage and destroy our bodies (guts, brains, and organs) over time ( ,


We may consume plant food all our lives but it will not be a life without disease and having the highest, genetically possible performance of our physical, emotional and mental functions, especially in old age. We are definitely not herbivores or apes and don’t kid yourself – thousands of years of evolution did not fully adapt us to plant food (,, ,

Also, do not consider mushrooms as your possible food. They are not animal or plant species, and mushrooms are actually poisonous for humans including edible mushrooms. You may check it easily, if you eat only any kind of edible raw or cooked mushroom for one day. At the end of this day you will definitely develop at least brain fog.

But ONLY TEMPORARILY you may use some mushrooms as remedies, for examples: shitakes (,

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-11-02_16-07-45.png

chaga (,amounts%20of%20the%20pigment%20melanin),

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-11-02_16-05-38.png

or lion’s mane mushrooms (

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-11-02_16-11-08.png

Now most people don’t know or already don’t remember some great experiments of French scientists. Also modern media ‘doesn’t know’ or ‘forgot’ about these really eye opening experiments.  These experiments were about the additional influence of modern GMO plants on animals and possibly on humans too:,year%20period%20%2D%20a%20normal%20lifetime.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-09-12_15-06-08.png

There is an exception for some plants including a few toxic ones that have been used already for millions years by many carnivore animals. They don’t use them as food but in small amounts as a remedy to heal themselves. Humans ONLY TEMPORARILY may use in small amounts some of these plants as remedies too. See more in Article 10.

Humans are similar to carnivores in many features. For example see this table:


Different species digest food differently if you compare which part of gut digests their food mostly: “Pictures worth 1000 words. Human gut easily digests meat (small intestine), other primates specialize in plants (colon); unlike plant eaters, humans join dogs and cats in low fermentation capacities (poor plant digestion); stomachs of man and dog very similar.” (@AnnChildersMD)


Zero carb diets vary. Some of them include eggs and dairy while others don’t and yet others concentrate on higher fat intake, as an example. However, regardless of the ZC flavor, most people who follow these diets prefer to cook their food for at least a short time. But even a short period of time over a burning fire or hot stove destroys its natural enzymes and creates many irreversible chemical reactions in the food. Heat decreases its nutritional value and the healing power of the ZC diets. Moreover, cooked food generates a deep negative influence on physical, emotional and mental health. For example, here’s an experiment about the influence of cooked food on rats: ).

I’ve tested this and to this day continue eating mostly a zero plant/carbohydrates diet, consisting of only raw meat and raw fish (MFZC).

Before my current diet (from November 2007 to April 2016), I have tested only 100% raw food diets (high or low carb, primal, paleo, etc.). Eventually, I concluded the raw MFZC diet is the best one all around.

In the beginning of June 2019 I additionally added a small amount of the carnivore’s remedy, the cranberries and got some positive results of using it as an optional home remedy. See Article 10 for details.

For an additional information also see part 2 in Article 15

Part 4. Advantages Of The MFZC Diet And Pure Water (renewed on September 18, 2019)

  1) After adaptation, you will not need or want to indulge in any other food.

   2) Red meat such as beef is one of, if not the best zero carb food one should consume on the carnivore diet. It has the most complete and optimally balanced set of nutrients compatible with our genetic makeup.

   3) Wild caught sea fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring, etc., contain vital fatty acids, including Omega-3 and essential trace minerals (electrolytes) that terrestrial animals do not currently possess in significant enough amounts.


On an all meat diet (i.e. a ZC diet without seafood) some of the essential trace minerals are missing entirely or partially – Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Mo, Se, I. Today, animals (and people) eat plants (grass, grains, etc.) that are raised on depleted soils, lacking these important trace minerals. Therefore, animal flesh also lacks the vital trace minerals needed for optimal body functioning. The ocean has an abundance of all the electrolytes. You can rest assured that sea life has a relatively high level of trace minerals, notably more than what you’ll find in terrestrial animals (;year=2015;volume=4;issue=2;spage=75;epage=85;aulast=Prashanth).

For example, if you do not have enough of the trace element iodine (I), you can develop a goiter (endocrine disease). In many parts of the world today, the soil, plants, and animal foodstuffs lack iodine so people are forced to supplement non organic iodine, but unfortunately, these supplements are very unhealthy in the long run. It is well known that in some countries, numerous people would go on to develop goiter as far back as centuries ago.

The benefits of adding seafood to our diet have been known for a long time. For example, here is what Weston A Price, a famous dentist who went around the world studying the teeth of indigenous people wrote about Indians living in the highlands of Peru: “It was, accordingly, a matter of great interest to discover that these Indians used regularly dried fish eggs from the sea. Commerce in these dried foods is carried on today as it no doubt has been for centuries. When I inquired of them why they used this material they explained that it was necessary to maintain the fertility of their women. I was informed also that every exchange depot and market carried these dried fish eggs so that they were always available.” You can find this quote in chapter 15 of his book:

   4) Reasonable amount of pure water is vital for the proper biochemical reactions to take place inside our body (see ‘Distilled water’ in Article 2 and ‘Beverages’ in Article 4).

   5) During the time you are on this diet your diseases from chronic cold, flu and obesity to degenerative diseases related to aging will gradually be cured.

For an additional information also see part 2 in Article 15

Part 5. The (Minor) Disadvantages Of The Raw MFZC Diet (renewed on February 11, 2019)

  1) Possible intolerance to some types of meat or fish.

   2) You may experience a long adaptation period to this diet – up to several months.

   3) Social get-togethers with relatives and interactions with friends may become problematic in certain situations.

Part 6. Adding Other Food To MFZC Diet (renewed on November 07, 2020)

Unfortunately, other animal and especially plant foods may not be so compatible or nutritiously adequate with the genetic requirements of our body. Also, they may cause more negative side effects, such as fluctuating shifts in hormonal activity and changes in the absorption of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, etc. Some of the links provided in this article fully attest to it.

People often try to add other types of food to meat and fish but it can be more complicated than it seems initially. It’s somewhat common for folks to make the same mistake and think that all produce is chock-full of useful vitamins, minerals, etc. In reality, they are not since every type of (untampered or intact) food is a whole or part of a former living plant, mushroom or animal. This means that a particular food item can naturally contain thousands of complex and chemically active substances. Some of them are beneficial, and some are useless or even harmful.

In response, the human body would need to generate thousands of different chemical reactions to digest this food and then decide whether to keep or reject these substances in order to maintain life and diverse functionality of the body and brain or simply put it in homeostasis. This is a huge and energy consuming task for the body and all of its organs. And it is especially true if you eat various foods together at the same time because the substances it’s made out of interact with each other to create new by-products which can also decrease absorption of some nutrients, such as, for example, zinc:

Therefore, the absolute best way to help your body is to choose a few basic raw animal foods that contain a compatible set of nutrients in the right proportions, according to the ancestral necessities of the body. Also, it is better to eat these foods away from each other so that your body and microflora do not struggle to assimilate new or alternating foods and their by-products every time you eat. You may continue to consume the few chosen foods indefinitely and live without diseases or health problems.

Moreover, at the present time every kind of food has some additional negative influence on the body and  brain due to increased toxicity of the modern products. At least part of these toxins is collected inside the body mostly in organs. See more information in part 1 of Article 5. So, it’s a good idea to remember that the more diverse food you eat now means more possible mostly negative side effects and diseases you can have in the future.

To be clear, the most simple, full-fledged and non-changing diet is always the better choice. “Food is fuel, not entertainment.” Moreover, for prevention and cure of most, or better yet all of your existing diseases it is more important what you do not eat and drink than what you stuff into your body on a daily basis, and some of the links provided throughout the article back up this very fact.

For instance, Christian hermits, Buddhist hermits, and monks living in isolation develop relatively fewer diseases and health problems than the rest of society. They also manage to live quite a long time. Their food is essentially the same but certainly quite unhealthy and deficient in nutrients, providing low levels of energy for the body and brain. The hermits and monks usually eat only a small amount of this food which is mostly the same every day, for months or years at a time and their bodies are compelled to be accustomed to this food which may actually interfere with their praying or meditation, but I digress. The monks are a good example of what the human body (and brain) is capable of in order to survive on entirely the same, low quality food and yet have relatively few health problems. But let’s focus on what true carnivores eat in nature since we’re talking about thriving and optimal health and not about mere survival.

In nature, for example, all lions eat the same type of food. We never observe some lions munching on animals and others indulging in a plant-based diet. Judging by the life of lions and all animals in general, it’s crucial to grasp the idea that all species of animals and humans should eat a solely appropriate type of food, intended for them by nature in order to be healthy and normal. Raw meat, fish and reasonable amount of pure water apply to every human being and every carnivore too. Theseare quite enough for humans to thrive on, be super healthy and live without any disease whatsoever.

No one carnivore eats marinated meat/fish 🙂
The most important rule of MFZC diet is that you ABSOLUTELY do not eat or drink anything else except raw, not marinated meat/fish and pure water. This is a great way to heal your present and potential diseases and health problems by using this diet and pure water.

For an additional information also see part 2 in Article 15

Part 7. Additional Information About The MFZC Diet (renewed on October 27, 2020)

During the past thousands of years, the only accessible source of food in every season has been raw meat and/ог raw fish. Actually, any other food, including fruits, eggs, milk, etc. could not have been readily available in every season due to extremely dry, cold or hot weather conditions. It does not mean that our ancestors only ate meat and fish. They ate everything they could get their hands on in order to sustain their survival and annihilate their hunger.Raw meat or raw fish, on the other hand, was always conveniently there not only to prolong survival but fulfill their nutritional needs as well. In many parts of the world, during certain seasons, meat and/or fish were the only foods they could obtain

Humans have been using fire for maybe 1 million of years.

Some thoughts about the use of fire (and cooking) – fire socialized our ancestors, provided them with warmth, gave them light at night, protected them from predators, and helped them develop their cognitive brain and evolve by thinking more during the night time. There were also positive events that took place when our ancestors discovered fire and started to cook their food including plants. Numerous plants contain high levels of toxicity/antinutrients and many are not edible in its natural, raw state. Likewise, cooking food has helped people to survive by allowing them to store food for longer periods of time and have fewer unsafe journeys when traveling far abroad in dangerous areas. In many countries, even today, cooking helps people avoid contamination from hazardous and deadly diseases. The primary cause of these diseases in the first place is an excess of accumulated toxins inside the body due to ingestion of improper food (see Article 5) and low standards of hygiene.

Negative events took place where our ancestors began to acquire dramatically more health problems and diseases related to food, especially in old age and also more parasites thrived with cooked food consumption.Moreover their taste buds were suppressed which led to an altered taste of raw and cooked food. Cooking has effectively changed our natural digestion and given it many negative attributes ( ,

Cooked food is not the culprit of the evolution of our brains as some may have you believe. For an example of ‘evolution’ and the consequences of cooked food ingestion, you can read THE POTTENGER EXPERIMENTS: According to most events taking place during the dark and cruel history of humankind there is absolutely no reason to think human beings react any better than animals to cooked food. You can also find some information in the article, “Human Brain Expansion During Evolution Is Independent of Fire Control and Cooking”:

Raw meat and raw fish are well recognized (genetically), accepted and digested by our body. If you are afraid of parasite contamination, you may eat defrosted meat and fish. Parasites naturally prefer to live and multiply inside people who eat cooked and processed food:

Meat and fish should be served as separate dishes and at different times of the day. Provide at least 2-3 hours between these two dishes. You may drink reasonable amount of pure water but do not drink while eating and make sure not to drink water for the next 2-3 hours after eating. In nature, carnivorous animals do not drink water during and immediately after food consumption.

Eating the raw MFZC diet can give you total satisfaction (after a period of some changes in your intestinal microflora) and have the most positive influence on your mental, emotional and physical health. If you had previously experimented with any of the diets out there such as the vegetarian, vegan, low carb, cooked zero carb diet and so on, you should feel a big difference when comparing any of them to the raw meat and fish lifestyle, and with your vastly new understanding acquire a new level of appreciation for the raw MFZC way of eating.

For an additional information also see part 2 in Article 15

Part 8. A Great Example Of How Strongly Food Can Influence Us (renewed on February 11, 2019)


 …One of the most important contributions in this field has been made by Professor Fred Hale of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, at College Station, Texas. He has shown that many physical deformities are readily produced by curtailing the amount of vitamin A in the ration of pigs. He produced fifty-nine pigs that were born blind. Every pig in each of the six litters was conceived by a mother who was deprived of vitamin A for several months before mating and for thirty days thereafter. In pigs, the eyeballs are formed in the first thirty days…

 …One of the very important results of Professor Hale’s investigations has been the production of pigs with normal eyes, born to parents both of whom had no eyeballs due to lack of vitamin A in their mother’s diet. The problem clearly was not heredity

 …Professor Hale reports that in April 1935, a litter of seven pigs was born blind at McGlean, Texas. Matings were arranged between blind pigs. These pigs were fed rations containing ample vitamin A,and normal pigs with normal eyeballs were produced. Even the mating of a blind son with his mother, who had birthed him when on the deficient diet, produced only normal pigs when both had ample vitamin A. He states, “If a hereditary factor had been the cause of this congenital blindness, these matings would have produced some blind pigs, even if vitamin A were present in the ration.”… Chapter 18:

Part 9. Some Information About The Influence Of Other Kinds Of Food, Modern Scientific Papers And Traditions (renewed on October 14, 2020)

Links below will take you to articles with some of the information on the corresponding topics that we discussed earlier. You can always learn more by reading these articles:

a) THE POTTENGER EXPERIMENTS part taken from:  is a great example of huge differences between cooked/processed foods and raw foods for cats. Unfortunately, the influence of these differences can prove to be even worse for people than for cats. People tend to develop a large bouquet of diseases, especially in old age with an emphasis on negative deviations in their personal and social behaviors. Here’s some more additional information about the influence of cooked and processed foods:        ,

b) Our genetic reality and its consequences of improper foods:
1. Why it’s better not to eat vegetables:
2. Why it’s better not to eat grains, beans, nuts and seeds: ans-nuts-and-seeds/
3. Why it’s better not to eat fruits:
4. Why it’s better not to eat fiber:
5. Why it’s better not to eat carbohydrates:
6. Why it’s better not to eat dairy products:                          

c) What to expect while adapting to a Zero Carb (Zero Plant) diet?:

d) Why is raw meat the best food for homo sapiens?:

DyJxXOsX0AATERJ (1).jpg…/lex-rooker-the-unique-healing-po…/…/zero-carb-interview-werner-kujni…/

e) WHY IT’S BETTER NOT TO TRUST MODERN SCIENTIFIC PAPERS: pioneer.html, Also, keep in mind that unfortunately, many scientists and doctors who write papers and do research are not always quite healthy themselves due to their improper diet and their use of favored medicines and supplements. Our general health always includes mental health too because physical, emotional and mental conditions and functions depend on each other and go together like hand in glove. Those scientists and doctors plagued with personal health challenges may mistakenly choose the wrong direction to take their research. Their experiments may be badly conducted, yielding inaccurate results and misleading conclusions.


f) Why it’s better not to trust traditional food with old-fashioned origins: 

We absolutely cannot trust any diets from the past or existing now traditional diets and use them as a good example for us, because most of these diets gradually and eventually lead us to different diseases and health problems. These diets include mostly cooked/raw plant foods and/or cooked meat or fish that are not genetically proper for us.

For example, the traditional Mediterranean diet diminishes a resistance of the immune system and led many people to die from the plague in the Middle Ages, and now in Italy and Spain this diet leads many people to die from the coronavirus infection. The similar diminishing of resistance of the immune system and the harmful effects are from other old or modern traditional diets.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2020-09-23_20-29-47.png

Old-fashioned traditions surrounded around food were most often conceived for survival purposes during periods of famine and hunger. People back then used whatever available food they could find to survive no matter what happens. They were obviously not concerned much with the long term consequences of the chosen food on human health. Also, it goes to reason, many people who devised these traditions, unfortunately, were not quite healthy mentally due to their consumption of not proper foods. For example, they also created and used for thousands years different kinds of tattoos that are really harmful for your body and brain. See more information about tattoos in part 10 of Article 4

There is interesting and confirmed information that many prisoners and people who have many tattoos often behave crazily and irresponsibly especially in the old age. This information can help us to understand that kind of people were some of our ancestors, who had many tattoos as well. These tattoos had a negative influence on our ancestors too, and often made them behave crazily and irresponsibly as well. Moreover they definitely helped their changes by eating a lot of different wrong harmful foods. So, it’s better in most cases to not reference their deep wisdom.

In conclusion, ponder and comprehend a simple thought – conducting experiments (especially long term) with the food you eat, liquids you drink or the air you inhale can be very dangerous and harmful if they are not species-appropriate and genetically suitable for human consumption. Gradually, your health and mind will transform and the part of you that you believe to be your personality will either change entirely or possibly even be expunged for good. See, for example, Raw Foods vs. Cooked Foods – The Great American Rat Experiment . Unfortunately, according to the number of different diseases and premature aging of most people, plants and cooked food are not species-appropriate or genetically fit for us to ingest.


You can find more valuable information from several paleo, zero plant, raw diet Facebook groups, and forums in the following links:

Also, read the comments at the end of my articles. You may find them useful. And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them in the comments below.

29 thoughts on “Article 1. WAY TO LIVE WITHOUT DISEASES

  1. I eat only raw beef and raw egg yolks. About 2 – 3 lbs of raw beef and 10 raw egg yolks daily. I’m 71 years old and never felt better.


    1. Several months ago during one month I tested eggs with my only raw beef, fish and water diet. I started to have more dry skin on soles and lips and noticeable decreasing clearness of mind. Eggs have some powerful enzymes and hormones that initiate and start the process of chicken growing. What processes the eggs can initiate and start inside our bodies especially in the old age we still don’t know. Eggs are the seasonal food and genetically we aren’t designed to consume them all year. Anyway, if you want to have more clear mind, avoid eggs.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What is a reasonable frequency for bowel movements on this diet? For someone who habitually drinks a hot beverage (coffee) in morning to stimulate the bowels, should anything else be done to replace this?


    1. On this diet your body doesn’t have a problem to establish the optimal frequency by itself. It can be every day or sometimes 2 days.
      Even small amounts of tea, coffee, juices or alcohol can destroy your normal body balance if you have sensitivity to them. For example, I often had a few small shingles. When I stopped to drink 50g (1.76oz) of vodka once a week they disappeared.
      Your coffee can be replaced by 2-3 glasses of pure water during the morning time before you eat.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been zero carb for 4 years. My bowel movements are daily with no problems. I eat mainly beef, with some salmon and eggs.


    1. I’m worry about the micro-plastics as well. Also I know and understand terrestrial meat doesn’t have enough vital fatty acids and micro-elements at the present times. You may not feel the difference but it doesn’t mean the problem not exist. If you have a possibility, you can buy fish caught in the north areas of ocean. It has less contamination.


    1. Yes. Grass fed meat is better but grain fed meat is ok as well according to experience of many people including me. The lack of microelements in grain fed meat you can compensate by eating raw fatty sea fish 2-3 times a week.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. How did you exactly introduce distilled water? Like a liter every day aside of drinking mineral water or? And then after 1 months only distilled?


    1. You can add distilled water to your water gradually – 25%, 50%, 75% and eventually 100% during 2-3 months.
      I cannot advise you to use Deionized water. It’s a commercial project to make money.


  5. Hi Yuri,
    Thanks for the site! Could one do this MFZC diet going from SAD immediately, or one has to prepare first by doing cooked zero carb first for a few months? And if yes, what would be the best approach in your opinion?


  6. Yuri thanks,
    In your earlier reply you said that grass fed better but grain fed meat is ok, and one can compensate by eating raw fatty sea fish 2-3 times a week… Do you think it is better to just ear grass fed only without the fish, for all the micronutrients then. Or fish is preferred even on an all grass fed diet? Do you plan to do such a test in the near future? Also on distilled water, what’s the best source of water you think? From glass, plastic, or tap, to it makes no difference after distillation? And have you tried freezing distilled water, then melting it. I heard that it makes such water more ‘alive’..


    1. You welcome, Alex.
      ‘Or fish is preferred even on an all grass fed diet?’ — Yes, raw fat sea fish is preferred because it has essential trace elements that terrestrial meat does not have enough of at the present times.
      ‘Do you plan to do such a test in the near future?’ — When I do any test, I publish the results on the blog.
      ‘what’s the best source of water you think?’ — Distilled water at the present times.
      ‘From glass, plastic, or tap, to it makes no difference after distillation?’ — All plastics leaks into hot water.
      ‘And have you tried freezing distilled water, then melting it.’ — I tried it long time ago and didn’t notice significant difference.


  7. Hi Yuri,
    Thank you for the information. I had a quick question in regards to using Potassium Iodide (like Lugol’s, for example). Why is it not healthy for us to use this to raise our iodine levels? Has there been any research done that it causes tumors in the thyroid? I think I read you write that on Facebook. Is it an issue of organic versus inorganic iodine? Apparently organic iodine is radioactive and dangerous for humans.
    Great articles and thank you.


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